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Emotions and Facial Expressions
Theme 314,085 5 - Embarrassed , Drunk , Blushing Faces Meme , Amane Kanata (3rd Costume)
Red Hair
Theme 179,370 1,256 - Akashi Seijuurou , Sakura Kyouko , Sakaki Yuya , Nishikino Maki
Red Eyes
Theme 211,219 55 - Albino , Yazawa Nico , Yor Briar , Ittoki Otoya
Red Bow
Bows (Fashion)
Theme 20,970 1 - Nanami Haruka (School Uniform Game Ver)
Red Dress
Theme 13,235 3 - Chinese Wedding , Houshou Marine (3rd Costume) , Ruby-Laced Beauty
Red Nails
Nail Polish
Theme 7,784 0 -
Red Background
Simple Background
Theme 11,034 0 -
Red Lips
Theme 5,567 0 -
Red Neckwear
Theme 9,764 1 - Houshou Marine (1st Costume)
Red Skirt
Theme 8,695 2 - Houshou Marine (1st Costume) , Takane Lui (3rd Costume)
Red Shirt
Theme 6,759 1 - Houshou Marine (1st Costume)
Lancer of Red
Character 3,665 5 Voiced by: Yusa Kouji

Red Lancer (Lancer of "Red", "赤"のランサー, ?) is the Lancer-class Servant of the Red Faction in the Turifas Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. He was designed by Kinoko Nasu and illustrated by pako for the original canceled online game project. There is an alterna...
Robe of the Fiery Three Gods , Karna (Santa) , Gâteau au Chocolat , Lancer of Red (Cosplay)
Red Footwear
Theme 6,750 0 -
Red Gem
Theme 1,827 1 A common color for magical gems. Combined with ruby (gem) for ease of tagging. Garnet
Saber of Red
Character 2,346 2 Voiced by: Sawahiro Miyuki

Fate/stay night

Voiced by: Kuwashima Houko

Mordred is a Knights of the Round Table. He is the son of King Arthur, created by magic. Due to his father's rejection of him, he eventually became the leader of the rebellion that resulted in the d...
Rider (Mordred) , Saber of Red (Cosplay)
Red Hat
Theme 2,845 0 -
Red Legwear
Theme 1,958 1 -
Red Outfit
Theme 13,343 6 - Red Dress , Chinese Wedding , Witch of Scarlet Dreams , Red Curry Ninja
Red-framed Glasses
Theme 4,249 1 - Akaba Reiji
Red Cape
Theme 2,627 0 -
Red thread of fate
Theme 2,593 0 In East Asian cultures, Akai Ito refers to an invisible red string tied around one little finger of a person, that connects them to those who they’re destined to meet and love, regardless of place, time or circumstance (also many times called soulmates).
Red Shorts
Theme 682 0 -
Red Sky
Theme 637 0 -
Red (Pokémon)
Pokémon Red & Green
Character 2,429 3 Character voiced by: Takeuchi Junko (Pocket Monsters: The Origin) Red (Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen) , ReGre , Red (Pokémon) (Cosplay)
Archer of Red
Character 636 2 Voiced by: Hayami Saori

Red Archer (Archer of "Red", "赤"のアーチャー, ?) is the Archer-class Servant of the Red Faction in the Turifas Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. She was designed by Myougaya Jinroku and illustrated by Genji Asai for the original canceled online game project.

Berserker (Atalanta Alter) , Archer of Red (Cosplay)
Red Cross
Theme 263 0 Under the Geneva Convention, the Red Cross can't be used for commercial use.
Red Coat
Theme 664 0 -
Theme 2,048 0 Images that are for the most part red.
If only the backgound is red, tag them with red background.
Red Sclera
Theme 240 1 - Kakuzu
Red Armwear
Theme 293 0 -
Red Curtain
Theme 186 0 -
Red (Pretty Cure)
HappinessCharge Precure!
Character 68 0 -
Red Light
Red (Meta)
Theme 22 0 -
Red Blue
Red (Meta)
Theme 4 0 -
Red (Artist)
Mangaka 38 0 Pixiv ID:

Red Arremer
Ghosts 'N Goblins
Character 15 0 -
Red Blues
Mangaka 5 0 Pixiv ID:
Red Bird (Angry Birds)
Angry Birds
Character 19 0 -
Red Angel
Minnazuki Haruka
Character 13 0 -
Red (Choujigen Game Neptune)
Choujigen Game Neptune
Character 17 0 Voiced by: Itou Kanae
Based on: Red Entertainment

First Dimension
  • Choujigen Game Neptune

Second Dimension
  • Chou Ji Jigen Game Neptune Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION
  • Kami Ji Jigen Game Neptune Re;Birth3 V CENTURY
Red Ranger
Power Rangers
Character 6 0 -
Red Purge!!!
Source 2 0 A song for Rin & Len by P.I.N.A.

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