For the time being, Zerochan has a simple read-only API to programmatically request data from its data set.

Anime Image Boards are good data sets for for example machine learning, considering they are often very well labelled and categorised using hierarchical tags.

Requirements and limits

Since the API is read-only at this time, all requests are done using GET.

To access the API, a user-agent header containing the name of your project and your Zerochan username is required. For example: "My AI learning app - MyUsername". The request may still be completed successfully without this custom header, but your project may be banned for being anonymous.

There is a rate limit of 60 requests per minute. Chronically exceeding this limit may result in a ban.

Most endpoints can be accessed by appending the json or xml query string to the 'normal' url.

For example:


End point for retrieving all entries. You may use the following query string parameters for filtering. All of these are optional:

p (int)
Page. Use in combination with limit to paginate results.
l (1-250)
Limit, or entries per page. Use in combination with page to paginate results.
s (id|fav)
Sorting order. Sort by either recency (id) or popularity (fav).
t (0|1|2)
Time used for sorting by popularity. 0 indicates all time, 1 indicates the last 7000 entries, 2 indicates the last 15000 entries. This parameters' behavior might be changed soon.
d (large|huge|landscape|portrait|square)
Picture dimensions, you may use this to filter by certain picture dimensions .
c (red|blue|green|...)
Color. Filter entries by certain overall color.


Endpoint for retrieving all entries, filtered by one single tag. This endpoint is not available for meta tags.


Endpoint for retrieving entries in a tag using strict mode, that is, entries where the primary tag is the tag being matched. This endpoint is not available for meta tags.


Filter by multiple tags.


Detailed information about a single entry.

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