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Long Hair
Theme 1,407,939 16,688 Long hair is a hair length where hair passes over from shoulder length.

If hair is around shoulder length, it should be tagged as medium hair instead.
Hatsune Miku , Akemi Homura , Megurine Luka , Hakurei Reimu
Short Hair
Theme 1,218,114 12,597 Short Hair is a hair length where hair reaches around ear/chin.

Since there's confusion between neck and chin length, any shorter than shoulder length should be tagged as short to prevent mistagging.

Examples of short hair;
Kagamine Rin , Kagamine Len , Orihara Izaya , Uzumaki Naruto
Blonde Hair
Theme 698,790 5,582 ◆ See also:
Ivory Hair
Kagamine Rin , Kagamine Len , Saber (Fate/stay night) , Uzumaki Naruto
Brown Hair
Theme 483,953 4,294 See also: Light Brown Hair. Spain , Kinomoto Sakura , South Italy , MEIKO (VOCALOID)
Black Hair
Theme 523,863 3,750 Please don't add this tag to monochrome images. Orihara Izaya , Akemi Homura , Uchiha Sasuke , Okumura Rin
Blue Hair
Theme 314,120 1,957 - Kuroko Tetsuya , KAITO , Miki Sayaka , Rem (Re:Zero)
Theme 84,454 319 A strand of hair (or more than one strand) is dyed in a different color outside of their natural hair color.

Highlights are NOT their natural hair color. If the second hair color is natural and abundant, then tag Two-tone hair instead.
Multi-colored Hair , Raiden Shogun , Hu Tao , Zhongli
Pink Hair
Theme 236,643 1,700 - Kaname Madoka , Megurine Luka , Haruno Sakura , Shielder (Fate/Grand Order)
Twin Tails
Theme 278,013 1,655 The "twin tails" hairstyle is characterized by two sections of hair gathered into ponytails on either side of the head, often symmetrical and located at or above ear level.

Different from Two-side-up by having much more hair in the ponytails.

bi‘TT’ redirects here. For other uses, see ‘[...
Hatsune Miku , Short Twin Tails , Twin Drills , Tsukino Usagi
Hair Ornament
Theme 111,935 82 A hair ornament is anything decorative that can be worn on one's head eg. crowns, tiaras, hairpins, combs, bandeaus and others.

Many of them also serve the purpose of holding hairstyle in one place.
Hair Bow , Hair Clip , Hair Flower , Hair Ribbon
Purple Hair
Theme 181,181 1,418 - Murasakibara Atsushi , Raiden Shogun , Matou Sakura , Patchouli Knowledge
Medium Hair
Theme 115,383 1,089 Medium hair is a hair length where hair reaches/touches around shoulder.

It is often confused with short hair, because medium hair is officially between neck to shoulder, but since the length between of neck and chin is ambiguous and for not having huge mistagging in this gallery, utag s...
Gudako , Jinguji Ren , Kise Yayoi , Takarada Rikka
Theme 109,031 376 A character has their hair braided or has braids in their hair.

See also: hair for a list of hair styles, hair colors, and hair decorations.
Single Braid , Twin Braids , Izayoi Sakuya , Dreadlocks
Theme 183,655 934 See also: braids, twin tails. High Ponytail , Low Ponytail , Long Ponytail , Short Ponytail
Red Hair
Theme 179,403 1,258 - Akashi Seijuurou , Sakura Kyouko , Sakaki Yuya , Nishikino Maki
Gray Hair
Theme 124,293 787 See also White Hair Hatake Kakashi , Gokudera Hayato , Narukami Yu , Amane Kanata
White Hair
Theme 201,403 1,152 Please don't add this tag to monochrome images.

See also: Gray Hair
Albino , Gawr Gura , Archer (Fate/stay night) , Gouenji Shuuya
Hair Clip
Theme 80,154 37 A hair clip is a small accessory used to hold hair in place, or just decoratively placed in the hair, typically consisting of two hinged pieces that are pressed together to grip the hair. Butterfly Hair Ornament , Star Clip , Frog Clip , Unusual Hair Ornament
Green Hair
Theme 138,020 1,206 See also: Teal Hair GUMI , Midorima Shintarou , Midoriya Izuku , Sakaki Yuya
Hair Flower
Theme 66,452 34 Hair flowers come in various designs and styles. They are typically crafted to resemble real flowers and can vary in size from small and delicate to large and statement-making.
Can be made from a variety of materials, including silk or fabric, paper, plastic, feathers, and even real preserved flowe...
Lumine , Flower Crown , Natsume Kokoro , Yukihana Lamy (1st Costume)
Orange Hair
Theme 88,223 660 - Kurosaki Ichigo , Gudako , Nami , Inoue Orihime
Theme 133,309 346 A lock of hair sticking out from the top of the head. Saber (Fate/stay night) , United States , North Italy , Kinomoto Sakura
Two-tone Hair
Theme 77,368 705 When a significant part of a persons' or creatures' hair is a secondary color.

If only a few locks are colored, use Highlights.
Sakaki Yuya , Hiiragi Yuzu , Serena (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V) , Todoroki Shouto
Single Braid
Theme 41,877 170 A character has their hair braided in a single braid.

If character has a braid in their hair, use braids instead.
Raiden Shogun , Side Braid , Shigure (Kantai Collection) , Judar
Straight Hair
Theme 18,701 155 Straight hair, as opposed to wavy hair or curly hair or braids.

updated oct 30 2022
Akemi Homura , Hime Cut , Hu Tao , Houshou Marine
Theme 62,564 122 Sidelocks are sections of hair that grow or are styled to hang down the sides of the head, typically in front of the ears. framing the bangs. Short Hair with Long Sidelocks , Hakurei Reimu , GUMI , Hime Cut
Hair Buns
Theme 41,308 101 - Twin Buns , Single Bun , Tsukino Usagi , Bun Cover
Peek-a-Boo Bang
Theme 60,221 272 A hairstyle where bangs completely cover the other side of the eye.

  • If the other side is not completely covered, just tag one eye showing
  • If other side is completely covered but still reveals eye under bangs (depended on artists drawing/coloring style), tag even i
Rem (Re:Zero) , Vinsmoke Sanji , Kazemaru Ichirouta , Takasugi Shinsuke
Spiky Hair
Theme 105,109 411 - Uzumaki Naruto , Sawada Tsunayoshi , Bakugou Katsuki , Hatake Kakashi
Hair Bow
Fashion Accessories
Theme 93,384 7 A hair bow is a decorative accessory that resembles a bow made of ribbon or fabric, often used to tie or adorn hair, adding a feminine and playful touch to a hairstyle.

See also: Hair Ribbon, which are generally longer and thinner ribbons, and not premade.
Lynette (Genshin Impact) , Usada Pekora (1st Costume) , Bow Clip , Minato Aqua (7th Costume)
Side Tail
Theme 40,213 223 Side tail is similar to ponytail. But it's tied on one side of the head instead.

If little amount of hair is pulled to make side tail, while rest of the hair falls down normally Ex. #594495, use One-Side-Up instead.
Morgiana , Kaga (Kantai Collection) , Nahida , Sora Harewataru
Twin Braids
Theme 26,861 193 - Usada Pekora , Venti , Kaenbyou Rin , Kanroji Mitsuri
Hair Ribbon
Fashion Accessories
Theme 15,767 10 A hair ribbon is a long, narrow strip of fabric, such as silk or satin, used to tie, decorate, or embellish the hair, often creating a bow or other decorative shape within a hairstyle.

Hair Ribbons are generally longer and thinner than Hair Bows, which are preshaped.
Houshou Marine (1st Costume) , Usada Pekora (4th Costume) , Minato Aqua (1st Costume) , Hoshimachi Suisei (3rd Costume)
Theme 22,549 107 A hairstyle similar to twin tails but only little amount of hair is pulled up to form two tails and the rest of hair falls down normally.

#2540947, #2532351 - two-side-up
#2487712, #2516635 - twin tail

Often mixed up with Twin Tails and Half Updo
Tohsaka Rin , Ultimate Madoka , Hojo Hibiki , Kurosawa Ruby
Wavy Hair
Theme 25,881 410 Wavy Hair is a type of a hair style where hair resembles waves and flows like S.

For images such as #148320, #341167, #1668657 where hair makes obvious ringlets and curls please tag Curls instead.

Examples of wavy hair;
Usopp , Sailor Jupiter , Kaiou Michiru , Komori Yui
High Ponytail
Theme 34,181 92 - Sakura Kyouko , Serena (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V) , Midorikawa Nao , Yukimura Chizuru
Asymmetrical Hairstyle
Theme 17,809 16 - Peek-a-Boo Bang , Side Tail , Asymmetrical Bangs , One-Side-Up
Short Twin Tails
Twin Tails
Theme 26,173 102 Twin tails around shoulder-length or shorter. If the hair locks extend past the shoulders, the Twin Tails tag should be used.

Also see: Two-Side-Up
Kaname Madoka , Yazawa Nico , Hiiragi Yuzu , Kotone (Pokémon)
Short Hair with Long Sidelocks
Theme 15,176 28 Hairstyle where character's hair would be classified as short if not for noticeably longer sidelock(s).

If character has their hair tied up in hair bun or similar hairstyle that simply makes it appear as if hair on the back are shorter than sidelocks, please use Long Hair or Medium Hair (depe...
GUMI , Lumine , Xiao (Genshin Impact) , Megumin
Multi-colored Hair
Theme 39,524 245 Hair that consists of three or more colors.

If it's just two colors, then it's Two-tone Hair.
Highlights , Yami Yugi , Fujiki Yuusaku , Mutou Yuugi
Blunt Bangs
Theme 20,287 105 A hairstyle where the hair is straight, and the bangs are combed forward and cut in a uniform horizontal line across the forehead.

The bangs should form a straight line across the forehead, without any jagged edges.

This style is sometimes associated with lolita fashion.
Hime Cut , Kamisato Ayaka , Gawr Gura , Inoue Takina
Theme 31,152 268 See also: Wavy Hair, Twin Drills. Twin Drills , Tomoe Mami , Kasane Teto , Cure Heart
Teal Hair
Theme 25,773 68 This is the right tag, if you could say that someones hair is green, but also blue. Hagoromo Lala , Cure Milky , Johan Andersen , Hoshizuki Kotarou
Alternate Hairstyle
Theme 25,029 7 - Hair Down , Hair Up , Wonderful Wife Hair , Cirno-nee
Light Brown Hair
Theme 4,249 94 The hair color is not light enough to be blonde and not dark enough to be brown. Also known as "dirty blonde".

◆ For examples:
Kirisame Marisa and Alice Margatroid has blonde hair - #1819298, #3007446.
Hakurei Reimu has brown hair — #1874841, #1819302.
Toyosatomimi no Miko ha...
Ichinose Asuna , Albedo (Genshin Impact) , Alice Liddell , Rita Rossweisse
Single Bun
Theme 8,988 63 - Haruno Haruka , Side Bun , Unicorn (Azur Lane) , Cure Sunny
Twin Drills
Theme 13,314 82 Similar to Twin Tails, a hairstyle with two pigtails, with strongly curled tails, somewhat similar to corkscrew curls. Tomoe Mami , Kasane Teto , Yotsuba Alice , Kanzaki Ranko
Lace Braids
Theme 2,772 14 A decorative braid close to the scalp. Minato Aqua , Yelan , Hakui Koyori , Noelle

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