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Entry by christopher on Fri Feb 4 22:59:58 2011.

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 1992385, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Tsukumo Yuma, Mutou Yuugi, Juudai Yuuki, Yami Yugi, Yusei Fudo, Chain Necklace

Pixiv Id 1992385, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Tsukumo Yuma, Mutou Yuugi, Juudai Yuuki, Yami Yugi, Yusei Fudo, Chain Necklace


Comments (English)

  • charunetra


    Feb 06, 2011

    i'm not quite found of new Yu-Gi-Oh! season..characters go down by every season..

  • Tayln


    Apr 01, 2011

    The first one was the best....the second one was decent but the thrid?...and fourth? no

  • KainCross

    Apr 01, 2011

    Lol. Notice how Jaden is the only one who doesn't have an outrageous hair style?

  • nikkzscreams


    Apr 11, 2011

    I prefer the first one.

  • PrinceCiel

    Apr 17, 2011

    the second and the third were better than the first, never heard/saw of season four tho. hope its good. it gets better and better each generation.
    judai is the only one with refular hair lol

  • pavli4ka8


    May 12, 2011

    THE ONE AND ONLY YUUGI MOTO!!! THE BEST and the original!

  • Nekocsi

    Jul 04, 2011

    The first was awesome, the second and third were good too, but the fourth? Jesus. That's an insult to the other seasons.

  • Its_Pokabu_NOT_Tepig


    Jul 04, 2011

    I like first and third seasons best. ^^ Haven't seen the fourth, though, so... But yeah. The cards are still good, but the anime needs to die. -.-

    But yeah, I like how all their names have 'yu' in them. XD

  • TheTrainerNamedSilver


    Jul 30, 2011

    Hey, i actually like Jaden's hair...xD it's sad he's always picked on.

    (my, aren't the names so original nowadays...lol)

  • Kializ


    Aug 08, 2011

    I love Jaden *Judai* His hair is bomb. x3 I'm a fan girl! I preferably like Yu-Gi-Oh GX more than the original one with Atem and Yugi, or 5D's. JADEN FTW.

  • MZmichelle

    Sep 18, 2011

    GX fan all the way

  • imlpz

    Sep 18, 2011

    My favorites are the first and third season. Too bad most of my friends see the motorcycles in 5Ds and quit from there without giving it a chance. -_-

  • Absolute Fantasia

    Oct 04, 2011

    To me, every series is amazingly good. :> Just they would change it up and make a female a great duelist with a boy heroine. (lul)

  • Ro YuKaze 轮尤風


    Oct 26, 2011

    gx fans too :D

  • CopperApple

    Nov 08, 2011

    I love GX! :D
    It's probably because I watched that when i could actually understand what was going on..whereas the original was MY CHILDHOOD...but let's face it, i only watched cuz it looked cool = 7 = (rewatching it now though)
    I'm trying to give 5ds a chance, because Yusei seems really cool and much darker than Jaden (..*ahem*)
    but 4th season...I'm not sure if i'm ready for that yet :|

  • eri5986


    Nov 08, 2011

    I like Judai the most!!! <3

  • ice.fairy76


    Nov 10, 2011

    I like the first one most. Because Yugi is the best <3 Judai is cute and the second was good. Don't know about third and fourth :/

  • Arcie


    Dec 04, 2011

    Jaden all the way. I agree with GX fan. ^^ I'va actually watched ZeXal. .w." Not that bad.

  • erichen1111

    Dec 09, 2011

    third is the best cause yusei is so smart, judai is really funny though :D

  • UKxSpain

    Dec 16, 2011

    I Love all the series!
    5D's not as much, but i still like it & GX is my favourite, Jaden is just so cute! <3

  • So Sakashii

    Jan 17, 2012

    The original & GX are the best ~ >w< I love both main chars but my fav is Jaden ~ :x He's just so cute and funny ~~ XD
    Havent seen 5D's but I'd like to give it a try :D Yusei looks kinda handsome and mature :">

    Have any one seen the movie Bonds Beyond Time? =)
    3some Jaden x Yugi x Yusei XD

    Havent seen Zexal :o but impressive hair style =)

  • nihal.the_immortal

    Mar 29, 2012

    Yugi was the best, Judai was good, Yusei is only sexy, but the fourth.....ò_ò

  • Shewon

    Mar 29, 2012

    Yu-Gi-Oh! The original is best one. Deal with it~

  • akuma no kira

    Apr 09, 2012

    i love the Yugi, Judai and Yusei~~~ and the fourth...=''=

  • ShimizuTheLoudAngel

    May 11, 2012

    I love the first season so much! I seemed to have stopped watching the other series I think it was because I was to attached to the original characters for it was my childhood and even though I wanted to I never got into the other series.

    The first and second season are the best! 5D's... I like Yusei but i don'tn really like the anime and Zexal... I found out about it now o.o so i can't say anithing but i don't really like the hair style of the protagonist XD

  • Fem!Russia

    May 31, 2012

    ((I love the 1st and 2nd one, the 3rd ones okay, and I have no idea about the 4th one. I must say though, that's some..... unique hair......))

  • Taba-Boomcha


    Jun 27, 2012

    The 1st totally rocked meh friggin socks off!( And also Yami Yugi was DANG!...smexeh ). The 2nd one was pretty cool. The 3rd ( for me ) WAS FRIGGIN AMAZING! Yet I found it was only good in the japanese original. The english dub kinda messed up the characters in my point of view. A bit like the english dub of Sonic X. The voices were fine (apart from Akizas 0-0) but the script just...meh!...uhh..I dunno....I DIDN'T LIKE IT! Anyway...... The 3rd!? Zexal!? Im not even going there Batman!

  • Guv


    Aug 15, 2012

    I think Zexal is pretty Unique, and I'm not quitting it until the bitter end. Also the other ones are cool too, the order would be:

    1st: 4th Gen
    2nd: 2nd Gen
    3rd: 3rd Gen
    4th: 1st Gen

  • larrykitty


    Nov 07, 2012

    Judai is the coolest to me the forth is...what the hell

  • Anna00


    Nov 07, 2012

    the name yugioh comes from yugi muto. so way make new yugi's??? well i just like yugi!! his my childhood yugioh!!

  • MangaAnimeGaki

    Nov 07, 2012


    The first was my childhood. A longside Pokemon...
    GX...I fangirled so hard.
    5DS. Yusei was amazing.

    ...What is this...Zexal?

  • Nero_Fortuna


    Dec 09, 2012

    Judai. Judai. Judai. JUDAI :D

  • Anixancy


    Feb 13, 2013

    # 1 and 3 were my favorite, and #4 has some promise in it!~

  • Kirisaki_Amane


    Sep 15, 2013

    I haven't really watched ZEXAL so I don't know if it's good... I like the first three equally in any way. Especially because of the Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, Bonds Beyond Time.

  • YaoiGuy


    Sep 15, 2013

    3rd season is the best! XD

  • Gwendolyn18


    May 09, 2018

    Judai chan <3 GX my fav *_*

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