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Entry by kaiko shiuny on Mon Nov 7 00:12:52 2011.

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 442347, School Days, Katsura Kotonoha, Itou Makoto

Pixiv Id 442347, School Days, Katsura Kotonoha, Itou Makoto


Comments (English)

  • TehAwesomeTurtle


    Nov 17, 2011

    Ogod, Makoto's head looks creepy. ono

  • MikuLen


    Nov 29, 2011

    this is just...SO COOL!

  • retro1835

    Mar 22, 2012

    Good job!

  • Sora*Donuts


    Mar 22, 2012

    I liked :D

  • Kabosu


    Oct 30, 2013


    Marriage Registration
    Submitted December 5, 2008

    Photo or Portrait: Husband to be - Wife to be

    Pronunciation: Itou Makoto - Katsura Kotonoha

    Full Name: (Family name) Itou (Given name) Makoto - (Family name) Katsura (Give name) Kotonoha

    Birth Date: October 16, 19xx - January 4, 19xx

    How you met and fell in love with your wife/husband: (This section is just full of the words "I love you Makoto-kun" repeatedly with the text "DESTINY" written over them)

    Husband and Wife's Occupations: Husband Occupation: Student - Wife's Occupation: Student

    Other: Finally it's just the two of us, Makoto-kun <3

    Submitter's Signatures and Seals: Husband: (There's just blood here) - Wife's: Katsura Kotonoha

    *~ • Translation isn't mine • ~*

  • Babylonius


    Feb 06, 2014

    thank you Kabosu :D

  • SashaWolfson12

    Sep 17, 2014

    The Heck is this

  • X121

    Nov 04, 2018

    Nice boat Makoto you slut.

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