Matt (DEATH NOTE) #689896

Entry by Goggu on Wed Jul 27 21:36:17 2011.

Tags: Anime, Nattsu, DEATH NOTE, Matt

Nattsu, DEATH NOTE, Matt


Comments (English)

  • Goggu


    Aug 28, 2011

    Matt *^*

  • Pherse Issac

    Sep 18, 2011

    the all time death note gamer! *spoiler* to bad he dies!! T_T

  • amaya011


    Jan 05, 2012

    Is he in the anime?

  • Goggu


    Jan 05, 2012

    Yes! :3 Episode 32..i think

  • Muse-Of-Runners

    Jul 13, 2012

    He's only there for like, thrity seconds. Actually a good thing, cuz I'm already attached enough. His death didn't need to be any worse. =/

  • ForeverPotato

    Oct 09, 2012

    He hardly makes appearances in the series.
    But that doesn't stop me from loving him as much as I love L. :D

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