Axis Powers: Hetalia #598049

uploaded by Fransis Gruesold Jun 04, 2011.

Tags: Anime, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Poland, Turkey, South Italy, Norway, Seychelles, Iceland, Japan, Cuba, Liechtenstein, Greece, Switzerland

Axis Powers: Hetalia, Poland, Turkey, South Italy, Norway, Seychelles, Iceland, Japan, Cuba, Liechtenstein, Greece, Switzerland

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Comments (English)

  • awesomebrit

    awesomebrit Jun 04, 2011
    @RavensFire that's what i was thinking
  • Yukai_Mara

    Yukai_Mara Jun 04, 2011
    Eep. The American flag is covering the city in Canada where I live. T.T
  • pauchan

    pauchan Jun 04, 2011
    LOL <---WHat?
  • iSugoiSama

    iSugoiSama Jun 05, 2011
    They even included Sealand~!
  • default avatar

    Lady Psychopath Jun 05, 2011, I feel fat now cause of how big they made america -n-
    /punches stomach. Get smaller! ><
  • Kakkoi

    Kakkoi Jun 05, 2011
    Canada's the second largest country in the world and we've been reduced to Alaska XD
  • Taniyama_Mai

    Taniyama_Mai Jun 05, 2011
    CRAP!!!!I deleted my comment!!!>< I said: They got America and Canada wrong. America stops at about the 3rd white stripe from the bottom, the rest is Canada. Come on guys, we're not THAT big....:/ (then I wanted to ADD) Were not expanding territories!

    DDDDDDXXXXXX T^T I lost my top post Y^Y
  • Chi-Chan

    Chi-Chan Jun 05, 2011
    Big Head Russia
  • default avatar

    alabaster Jun 07, 2011
    whys russias head sooo BIG
  • ChibiVale

    ChibiVale Jun 07, 2011
    the world is love! *^* my Italy's been divided in two, on the one hand it's a bit sad x°D
  • default avatar

    yuukia-chan995 Jun 15, 2011
    I think I can now learn my topography for the next test XD :D
  • default avatar

    King Jun 22, 2011
    aw, no NZ! As an Australian, that's hilarious.
  • BasicSoul666

    BasicSoul666 Jul 10, 2011
    where are the Netherlands... and isn't Sealand placed the wrong place?

    oh hell this is great XDD
  • MikuLen

    MikuLen Jul 13, 2011
  • default avatar

    Shui92 Aug 11, 2011
    A bit crowded there in Europe, huh? Haha!
    And, I know that the country no longer exists, but why is Prussia out there under Australia...?
    Sealand is supposed to be below Finland, isn't it?
    A bit funny how Iceland was placed on top of Sweden and Norway on the big map, and when zoomed in moved back to his original place.
    Lol, all I do is complain. =)
  • Eplepaii

    Eplepaii Dec 18, 2011
    ^ no sealand is near england, ur thinking about... hmm.. åland?
    i think
  • default avatar

    Lucifer Syndrome Jan 19, 2012
  • gabinyan

    gabinyan Jan 21, 2012
    The best thing is that my country is one of the biggest in the world and it was completely hidden xD Well, I don't care, there are no characters on the South America...
  • Pandicream

    Pandicream Mar 18, 2012
    Aww.. You can only see the southern tip of my country! The U.K is only the tiny northern part Q_Q.. I feel Canada's pain..
  • default avatar

    Allie Jun 15, 2012
    @ MikuLen: SHUT THE HECK UP FOR GOD'S SAKE! He/she will appears when Hima-san finished create the character!
  • default avatar

    PINKhairedBADASS Jun 30, 2012
    ...where's portugal?? ;_;
  • Unnatural_any

    Unnatural_any Oct 07, 2012
    russia's epic heart <333
  • default avatar

    MangaAnimeGaki Oct 07, 2012
    Portugal and Phillipines haven't been made, and probably won't be.

    Geez, is that so hard to get through your thick heads?

    ...Genious. :/
  • cats_sharks_geckos

    cats_sharks_geckos Oct 12, 2012
    ^ I agree. Why don't people get it?! Guys, stop asking where Portugal/Philippines/Mexico/etc. are, especially if you can't even spell "Philippines" correctly -_-. They haven't been made yet.
    Anyway, this is so cute.
  • default avatar

    AirekaWolfz Jan 24, 2013
    Poor Canada XD
    America is overpowering him XD
  • MarshmallowHeroine

    MarshmallowHeroine Sep 15, 2013
    @MikuLen - It will soon be f****** introduced. If you have nothing good to say about this picture please GTFO.
  • White adelaide

    White adelaide Jul 21, 2015
    Big Bear Russia !!
  • default avatar

    FantasDoge Oct 04, 2018

    (It's Aotearoa)
  • default avatar

    Chikako4848 Mar 02, 2019
    New Zealand is part of hetalia he is the one of them.
    and my country is philippines and i hope love new zealanders.