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Entry by alegria on Thu Jan 20 21:44:23 2011.

Tags: Anime, Shiroyama Ayako, Tettere (Sound Horizon), Schneewittchen, Coffin, Pixiv, Märchen, Sound Horizon

Shiroyama Ayako, Tettere (Sound Horizon), Schneewittchen, Coffin, Pixiv, Märchen, Sound Horizon


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  • bocchanRevo


    Jan 22, 2011

    hate you witch

  • AnnaVu

    Jan 28, 2011

    u kno wats funny? in the real snow white the prince actually rapes her (while shes asleep)~ XD

  • Blazari


    Feb 20, 2011

    @AnnaVu: Aren't you thinking of Sleeping Beauty??

  • Princessprimadonna

    Sep 14, 2012

    In the story "sleeping beauty"
    it's her father who raped her...when she got awake she had a baby lol

  • Heochan00

    Jan 08, 2013

    ._. i clearly didn't see the original versions of any of those xD

  • \'shROOM_Grower


    Jan 08, 2013

    ^LOLed at your comment.

    Both original stories are pretty graphic. I suggest looking them up. But yes, the original Snow White the Prince was, long-story-super-short, a necrophilia. And Sleeping Beauty, it was somewhere along those lines. I haven't read that one recently enough to put accurate info here....

  • Blazari


    Jan 14, 2013

    Really, a lot of this is dependent on which version you are calling "the original".

    With Sleeping Beauty, I'm not even sure what the first version was. The oldest, I believe, is Basile's, which is titled "Sun, Moon and Talia" (Talia being Sleeping Beauty). A fortune teller is consulted when the princess Talia is born and it is prophesied that she will be put in danger should she encounter flax. This prompts her father from banning flax from his home to protect her. However, one day Talia sees an old woman using a spindle and becomes curious, asking the woman to allow her to take part in the activity. She immediately gets a piece of flax lodged in her finger and falls into, well, the state that she gets her name from. That aside, her father left her presumably dead body in an estate of his, not wishing to bury her. Eventually, a king comes along and... has his way with her. She gets pregnant and gives birth to twins (who she later names Sun and Moon). There are some random fairies who show up to help the babes, but one day, one of them can't figure out where to nurse and ****s the splinter out of Talia's finger, allowing her to regain consciousness. One day, the king is all like, "Oh, sh**, that's what I've been forgetting for about a year!" So he goes back and finds Talia and her kids. Now, he genuinely cares for them and all that jazz, but he's already married. Second half short, his wife figures this out, orders the kids to be brought to her, cooked, and fed to the king, and Talia burned to death. However, the cook hides the children and the king orders the queen to be killed, marrying Talia and living happily ever after.
    Another older version is Perrault's, which is actually a lot like the Disney version. The difference is that Perrault's version has a "Part 2" in which 'Sleeping Beauty' is nameless, she and the king have two children, Dawn and Day, and the king has an ogre (literally) stepmother who tries to kill everyone, but is instead killed herself.
    As you can see, these two aren't actually that dark, other than the whole rape thing in the first one, but that was pretty much consensual... sort of.

    Snow White is significantly darker, but this is thanks to its ending. We're going with the Grimm brothers' version. Here's an abridged version from yours truly:
    Snow White (Schneewittchen/we'll call her Snow)'s mother dies shortly after giving birth and naming Snow White. Her father remarries and she grows up (funny how that works). Her stepmother becomes jealous, consults her magic mirror to find out that Snow is the most beautiful woman, and commands that she be killed, ordering Snow's liver and lungs to be cooked after the deed is done. The huntsman ordered to do so spares Snow and she flees into a forest, eventually to take up residence with seven dwarves (make that dwarfs). The queen finds out that Snow is still alive and tries to kill her three times (with a bodice, a poisoned comb, and a poisoned apple, in that order). She finally succeeds the third time because the dwarfs can't figure out what the heck happened. One day, a prince comes along, falls in love with Snow's dead body, and has his servants carry her back to his castle. He doesn't actually do anything inappropriate, though, so I don't know where the hell all these rape accusations are coming from. Anyway, his servants trip over some roots, which jostles Snow's coffin, allowing her to cough up the apple. Lo and behold, she's all better now and is free to wed the prince.
    Here's the bad part. Snow then throws a party and invites her stepmother over. When she gets there, Snow orders that her stepmother dance in iron shoes so hot that they're glowing until she drops dead. Gross. Also, here's a fun fact: in the very, very first version, the stepmother was actually her mother, but they decided to 'tone it down'.

    Now that's over, I just want to say, it is kinda fun to see what Sanhora did with these stories. I'm particularly happy that they didn't try to make them any more gruesome just for the sake of it like so many other people do. Marchen wasn't my favourite album, but it turned out better than what I feared when I first heard of it. <3

    Edit: Oh, look at me, forgetting my original purpose. In Sleeping Beauty, it was absolutely NOT her father, regardless of which version of the story you wish to look at (provided it's not a cheap retelling of it by some modern author with no originality trying to make things as horrid as they can to make up for their lack of skill).

  • AnimeCynthia21

    Jan 26, 2016

    The awkward moment when the first version of the stories you listened to as a child were the darker ones.

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