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Entry by Trickster of Thieves on Tue Apr 22 19:28:44 2014.

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Pixiv Id 1772220, Kagerou Project, Kokonose "Konoha" Haruka, Dark Konoha, Kisaragi Shintaro, Pixiv, Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv, Translation Request, KuroShin


Comments (English)

  • Bluefang62

    Apr 23, 2014

    Gaah! Someone please translate this!

  • HayaAndTabbie

    May 25, 2014


  • RaylaOpal

    Jul 09, 2014

    This is as good as I can translate it, I tried my best! ^w^

    Shintaro: うおーさっみ お前。。よくそれで平気だな
    Shintarou: Uh- umm.. *sounds of discomfort* You.. you’re okay with it? (He’s talking about the heat)

    Kuroha: あ? 別に問題ねぇけど?
    Kuroha: Oh? Is this a problem?

    Shintaro: お前が(賞?) 弱すぎるんじゃね?この気温なら普通の反応だっつの!
    Shintaro: Are you saying I’m too weak? This is a normal reaction to the temperature!

    *continues to complain while Kuroha’s distracted by the couple*

    Shintaro: って。。 おい聞いてんのか?
    Shintaro: Tsk.. oi, are you even listening?

    Kuroha: あー。。。うん、うんうん. 聞いてる聞いてる聞いてる超聞いてる.
    Kuroha: Ah... yeah, yeah yeah. I’m listening, I’m listening, I’m totally listening.

    Shintaro: よーしクロハ君
    Shintaro: Ri-ght, Kuroha-kun.

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