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Entry by __Hikari__ on Wed Sep 4 21:47:15 2013.

Tags: Anime, Free!, Nanase Haruka (Free!), Tachibana Makoto, Comic, Translated

Free!, Nanase Haruka (Free!), Tachibana Makoto, Comic, Translated


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  • xxSkeptical

    Sep 04, 2013

    Wish this was translated. @_@

  • teddybearyt

    Sep 05, 2013


    Makoto: Thanks for dinner and the use of your bathtub. Sorry for staying until this late.
    Haruka: Isn't it the same as always.

    Makoto: You're right. I'm looking forward to the bento you'll make for me tomorrow.
    Makoto: I'll come to pick you up, so wake up, okay?

    Makoto: Bye then

    Haruka: I don't have anything to do anyway... I'll sleep.

    Phone: Piriri riririri...
    Haruka: Makoto.

    Haruka: Nn, what is it?
    Makoto: Ah, Haru. It's about tomorrow's bento.

    Makoto: I'm sick of saba burgers.
    Makoto: Could you make a normal hamburger instead?

    Haruka: ...
    Makoto: Ah, so you really were intending to put that in.

    Makoto: Also, about club activity tomorrow...
    Haruka: Nn.

    Haruka: -yawn-

    Makoto: -Ah, sorry, are you tired?
    Haruka: Not really.

    Makoto: I'll hang up now, okay? See you tomorrow.
    Haruka: Yeah.

    Haruka: ...Minced meat. Warm... Un... Refrigerator... So bothersome... Tomorrow...
    Phone: Pi piriririri

    Haruka: ? Makoto?

    Haruka: What is it.
    Makoto: Sorry.

    Makoto: I forgot to say something.
    Haruka: ?

    Makoto: Good night, Haru.

    Haruka: ..... Good night.

    Haruka: .....

    Makoto: ...Haru, could you perhaps be embarrassed? Your voice is so cute~
    Haruka: Shut up. I'm hanging up.

  • Baby-Dee

    Sep 05, 2013

    ^ love ya much <3 thank you ^w^)/

  • Dawnipie


    Sep 05, 2013

    so cute~

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