Suoh Mikoto (K Project) #1398401

Entry by Trickster of Thieves on Sat Jan 12 18:28:19 2013.

Tags: Anime, Yun (Neo), K Project, Suoh Mikoto, Fanart

Yun (Neo), K Project, Suoh Mikoto, Fanart


Comments (English)

  • ShinigamiRukia


    Jan 12, 2013

    Stylish! :D

  • Mikujean24


    Jan 13, 2013

    woah cool~ XD

  • FrozenSecrets


    Jan 13, 2013

    If those glasses are Izumo's, I think it'd be a wise decision to give them back as quickly as possible XD

  • sariyanna

    Jan 14, 2013

    Ohhh yeah! >:D Me like, me like very much! He's sooo cool. x3

  • Cica

    Jan 14, 2013

    swag bitches >:D

  • lady Rivel Keehl


    Jan 14, 2013

    Wow he looks really cool with Izumo's sunglasses *.*

  • candymar2101


    Jan 16, 2013

    I love this pic! ♥

  • Ellis_

    Jan 20, 2013

    What a perfect model he'd be. xDD

  • Suzune


    Jan 25, 2013

    one of the best pictures of Mikoto so far.
    I LOVE it! >.< he looks really good with glasses. :3

  • Axetylen

    Mar 27, 2014

    Love this picture of Mikoto

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