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Tags: Anime, R-ninja (Artist), Axis Powers: Hetalia, Scandia

R-ninja (Artist), Axis Powers: Hetalia, Scandia


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  • Rossiyu-chan


    Jul 08, 2012

    His Hair.... 0.0


  • NightmareAlchemy


    Jul 20, 2012

    He's beautiful o///o

  • Jeissie075

    Aug 21, 2012

    Yes he is !! Just like his sons ^^

  • snowlily3

    Dec 30, 2012

    (Summary of character and commentary of the drawing by the artist of the drawing r-ninja):
    As seen on my Ancients a go go image - my OC Scandinavia.

    A couple of people were saying they wanted to see a non-SD version of him, so I went both ways and did a proper 'grown' version and an attempt at imitating Hidekaz' style of chibi (which is easier said than done, what with his random adding lines and annoying way of colouring things FFFF)

    But yes. Scandinavia.

    After Germania left for the south, Scandinavia grew into a region in his own right, eventually becoming father to Denmark, Norway and (much later on) Iceland. He also adopted Finland having found him nearby (Feno-scandinavia). Sweden... he was never sure on. He always resembled his brother more than him, but he adored him all the same. His relationship with his brother is a little strained, with Germania looking down on him and constantly treating him like a child. It didn't help that Scandinavia had a crush on Rome, despite Rome not really looking past Germania to the far north. Scandinavia as a region is only mentioned in passing in Roman writings, whilst archaeological evidence shows Scandinavia itself was eager to import and imitate Roman style goods and the like. Rome's fleeting interest is reflected in the way his Latin name keeps changing depending on the writer (Codanonia, Scatinavia, Scandia, Scandza, etc).

    Personality wise, he's very softly spoken, and not in great control of his emotions. He's also somewhat naive/gullible and trusting. Over winter, he always has tears in his eyes, quick to cry whether it's from fear, confusion or happiness. Moreover, he sometimes has difficultly understanding things beyond literal meaning. Then of course there is berserkergang. When angered, he becomes fearsome and hyper-violent, not hesitating to rip through his enemies in a blind rage. Despite being so soft hearted, he can be very stubborn when he wants (usually in the face of his brother trying to marry him off).

    He loves apples '3'

    Eventually, as his children became strong enough entities to exist as near-nations in their own rights (and to get away from his brother), he set sail to travel east, becoming Varangian and eventually Kievan Rus’ (which I will be writing up next).

    ... Originally he was just Kievan Rus’, but I needed a way to make the Viking migration issue work in Hetalia-terms so Scandinavia he became... I'm a Normanist, deal with it. B| Any questions are welcome!

    [EDIT - Made a character sheet with more in depth stuff on him [link]]

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