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Entry by ShinigamiRukia on Mon Jun 18 11:12:55 2012.

Tags: Anime, Sakurai (Pixiv1364648), Pokémon, Green (Pokémon), Red (Pokémon), Silver (Pokémon), Quagsire, Kotone (Pokémon), Typhlosion, Cyndaquil, Creepy Smile, Pixiv, Comic

Sakurai (Pixiv1364648), Pokémon, Green (Pokémon), Red (Pokémon), Silver (Pokémon), Quagsire, Kotone (Pokémon), Typhlosion, Cyndaquil, Creepy Smile, Pixiv, Comic


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  • sweetiehanah

    Jun 18, 2012


  • ShinigamiRukia


    Jun 18, 2012


    Rival x Female Protagonist

    Green: Tell me, Red...
    I dont mind coming with you when you go shipping, but...
    Why Do i have to carry your bag?
    Red: Because you're stronger.
    Green: I'd be happy to hear those words from you, but not in this
    Geez, if only I were shopping with my beautiful big sis, I'd be
    carring these bags with pleasure.
    Red: ...you're the kind of man who wants to be dominated by woman, uh?
    Green: Shaddap, idiot... Uh?
    Red! Down!!
    Red: *menacing aura* Green, are you trying to scare me...?
    Green: S-sorry, i did it without thinking...! But you'd better look at that?
    Red: "That"...?
    Green: Kotone... and that guy is Silver, right?

    Kotone: Quagsire! Muddy water!
    Silver: Tsk... You got knocked out by this attack... Come back, Typhlosion.
    Kotone: Yeah! We won, we won!
    Silver: .....
    I'm still...not ready...
    Kotone: Uh? Not at all!
    Honestly, i won this battle by chance! fluff~
    There was only my Quagsire left in my team that could fight.
    So, if we'll battle once more...maybe i'll be the one to lose.
    Silver: Hmpf! I dont need your consolation.
    It wont change the fact that i've lost.
    Kotone: But i wasnt consoling you~...
    Silver: But... If you ask me to battle once more...
    I dont know if i'll battle-...
    Kotone: (shock) AH!!
    Sorry. Today i have a rematch against Katsura. I really have to go!
    Silver: Ah, wait!
    Kotone: See you again, then! You can keep that towel!

    Green: Oh oooh...
    Silver: Wh-what...!
    You're Viridian City's... and who are you?
    Green: Hey there, redhead. (nya nya)
    We saw everything! You're in the heydey of youth, I'm so jealous...
    Silver: Y- y- y- you got it all wrong!
    Red: And btw, why are you showing up so suddenly!?
    Hey...do you want to become stronger?
    You should try beating me.
    Silver: Since, you asked me, lets do it, but what are your skills?
    Red: You're going to find it out, when we battle, arent you?
    Silver: All right then, wait a minute, i have to heal my party before.
    Green: (ha ha) Silver, it's over...that's what Green whispered inside his

    (After the humiliation, Silver found out his true identity)
    Silver: So, you're that Red, uh?
    Green: He's Red, the man who can command all the gym leaders at his own free
    Silver: Who friggin' cares about that!

    Kotone: Ah! You're using my towel after all!
    Silver: WOAH! W- w- w- w- well, this is...!


  • INemoKaze


    Jun 18, 2012

    silver so kawaiii~~ >w<

  • PlatinaBerlitz


    Jun 20, 2012

    Thanks for the translation xD
    Well this was entertaining :3

  • xiaonmei KKC

    Jun 03, 2013


  • darkumbreon04

    Jul 29, 2013

    thanks for the translation!!!! lol, silver is so stupid

  • XTsukiUsagiX

    Jul 29, 2013

    That was cute X3

  • darkumbreon04

    Aug 11, 2013

    silver in love....

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