My avatar won't update!
Please wait about one hour for the change to take effect.
Can I filter out certain images I'd rather not like to see?
If you are a member, you can use the blacklist to filter out certain tags.
Why do the page numbers stop displaying after page 100?
This is for performance reasons. If you'd like to continue browsing at a later time, you can bookmark the current url and use that to continue next time.
On a picture, which tag should be the primary tag?
  • When there is one character depicted, the name of that character should be the primary tag.
  • When multiple characters are depicted, the name of the series/game should be the primary tag, or the artist if series is not applicable.
  • When the picture is from an artbook, the name of the artbook may also be the primary tag.
Are there any other guidelines regarding picture tagging?

As follows:

  • For each entry, the name of the series and names of the depicted characters should be amongst the tags.
  • When the depicted subject is from an unknown franchise, Unidentified (shortcut: 'id') should be the primary tag.
  • When the depicted subject is known, Unidentified should be removed (after making another tag the primary first, otherwise it cannot be removed).
  • When the picture is identified but is known to not be from a particular series/game; it should be tagged as 'Original'.
  • Scantily clad girls should not necessarily be tagged Ecchi, provocative content however should always be tagged Ecchi.
What is a meta tag?
A meta tag is a special type of tag that should not be used directly on submitted pictures, but exclusively acts as a parent tag to other tags (perhaps similar to Danbooru style image boards' pools). Most parent tags will be hybrid however (both used directly on pics and a parent to other tags) and as such should not be meta tag. Only moderators can make a tag a meta tag.
How can I add character tags to their series tag?
Only 'otaku' members or higher can do this (you probably know if you do have this rank).
I see pictures smaller than 600x600, even though I can't submit them.
Zerochan generally disallows small pictures because they are mostly of poor quality. Only moderators can, at their discretion, upload smaller images if they think it is of high enough quality. If you disagree, you can report the entry or leave a comment on the picture.
What is this 'moe'?
It tells something about the users' contribution to the site. For each tag you add to any picture, you receive one 'moe'. You do not unlock any additional features or receive any special benefits from having lots of moe at this time.
Can I change my username?
Yes, you get a one-time chance to change your username. Please contact a moderator with your desired new username.
Can I delete my account?
No, you cannot delete your account.
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