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  • English This part I was like OwO because right here it was like Hibari was confessing his love to Dino.

  • English France: :O
    America: F**K YEAH
    Germany: when is it gonna end?!?

  • English @0Evee0 I agree with ya there O~O

  • English XDD This is AWESOME!!!

  • English Poland was here XDDD

  • English awww~ thats so cute but sad :(

  • English whats in his mouth??? O.o

  • English which part is this I don't remember it

  • English thats just creepy...>.>

  • English I don't get it ?_?

  • English ya mr too T.T

  • English Shizu-chan is so cute here <3

  • English wat up with Lampo & Daemon Spade???

  • English HIS BED!!! XDD

  • English XDDD

  • English Hibari!!!

  • English I want him O.O

  • English novel???

  • English Prussia and his outfit is AWESOME!

  • English AWESOME!! Armenia's in here to!

  • English I agree

  • English XDDDD

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