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Thomas the Tank Engine
Series 3 1 - Thomas the Tank Engine (Parody)
Thomas Benvesta
Kuutei Senki
Character 6 0 -
Thomas McElroy
South Park
Character 1 0 Jerome McElroy's father
Thomas O'Brien
Ashita no Nadja
Character 13 0 -
Thomas Mutton
Theme 1 0 -
Thomas H. Norstein
Digimon Savers
Character 40 0 -
Thomas Shakespeare
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
Character 10 0 Voiced by: Saito Momoko

Thomas Shakespeare (トマス・シェイクスピア, Tomasu Sheikusupia) is a citizen of England and a student of Oxford Academy. She is also ranked sixth in the TRUMPS and the president of Oxford Academy's Literature Club. Thomas is the owner of the Mortal Sin Armament Aspida Phylargi...
Thomas Wallis
Character 2 0 -
Gregory Thomas
Dear My Girls
Character 0 0 -
Dean Thomas
Harry Potter
Character 19 0 -

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