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Rose (Flower)
Theme 39,646 11 - Rose Petals , Rose Bush , Gertrud , Rosemon
Rose Petals
Theme 4,265 0 -
Milky Rose
Mimino Kurumi
Character 716 1 - Milky Rose (Cosplay)
Ruby Rose
Character 1,261 2 Voiced by: Lindsay Tuggey & Hayami Saori

A girl with dark hair who is the leader of Team RWBY. She is capable of reaching superhuman speeds and wields the Crescent Rose, a mechanical weapon that is a hybrid of a scythe and a sniper rifle.
White Rose (Pairing) , Ruby Rose (Cosplay)
Dornröschen (Sound Horizon)
Sound Horizon
Character 301 1 Rose Princess (野ばら姫 Nobara Hime) is one of the seven actresses from the album, Märchen, who sings of her grudge under Märchen von Friedhof's conducting and takes revenge upon Alte-Rose, the witch who cursed her as a babe. Her vocals and dialogue were provided by Mikuni Shimokawa. She is based on the... Dornröschen (Sound Horizon) (Cosplay)
Marie Rose
Dead or Alive
Character 133 1 Musou Stars - Character PV:
Devilish Servant Against the Splashing Waves
Oriana Rose
Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
Character 24 0 -
Alte Rose
Sound Horizon
Character 58 1 Alte-Rose is the antagonist in the song Bara no Tou de Nemuru Himegimi. The wise woman is to blame for two execrations laid on Rose Princess; though the first one gets foiled by Aprikose's during the banquet and the consequent events leads to the princess's story, thus inducing the second at the... Alte Rose (Cosplay)
Rose Bush
Rose (Flower)
Theme 170 0 -
Amy Rose
Sonic the Hedgehog
Character 421 4 Amy Rose, also formerly known as Rosy the Rascal, is a fictional, anthropomorphic pink hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She has a major long-standing crush on Sonic the Hedgehog, and has been trying to win his heart by any means since meeting him. Such methods include impressing him by... Amy Rose (Cosplay) , SonAmy , Oz Maher , Team Rose
Rose (Elsword)
Character 33 9 - Crimson Rose , Freyja (Rose) , Metal Heart (Rose) , Heavy Barrel (Rose)
Rose (Street Fighter)
Street Fighter
Character 45 1 Rose is a fighter from Capcom's Street Fighter series of fighting games.

Rose is a fortune teller from Genoa and sensed that Doomsday was approaching, and knew a person of great evil was causing it. In Street Fighter Alpha 2 She found the source of the evil in Bison and defeats him, thinking she...
Rose (Street Fighter) (Cosplay)
Rose Luck
My Little Pony
Character 11 0 -
Nekomata Okayu (5th Costume)
Nekomata Okayu
Outfit 8 0 -
Berusaiyu no Bara
Series 110 6 - Oscar François de Jarjayes , Andre Grandier , Marie Antoinette , Berusaiyu no Bara (Parody)
Rose Weasley
Harry Potter
Character 44 0 -
Rose Guine Avalon
Chronicle (Sound Horizon)
Character 7 0 -
Rose Bernstein
The King of Fighters
Character 6 0 -
Mangaka 54 0 DA:

White Rose Dragon
Character 9 0 -
Rose DeWitt Bukater
Character 6 0 -
Rose (Dragon Quest IV)
Dragon Quest IV
Character 2 0 -
Rozen Maiden
Character 355 1 - Barasuishou (Cosplay)
Rose (Tales of Zestiria)
Tales of Zestiria
Character 54 0 Voiced by: Komatsu Mikako
Original character design by: Fujishima Kousuke
Evil Rose
Hinomoto Fujiko
Character 3 0 -
Rose (Chiyu Mahou No Machigatta Tsukaikata)
Chiyu Mahou no Machigatta Tsukaikata
Character 3 0 -
Rusty Rose
Character 18 0 -
Rose Guns Days
07th Expansion
Visual Novel 52 31 Release date: 2012-08-11

Original character design for Haibara Rose, Maiougi Richard, Maiougi Stella, Tanashi Meryl, Souhei Keireiji, Kurashiki Miguel & Hayashibara Julie by Souichirou (Artist)

Original character design for Shishigami Leo, Philip Butler & [Lee MeiJiu...
Philip Butler , Tanashi Meryl , Maiougi Stella , Shishigami Leo
Rose Griffon
Character Group 16 15 - Julian Rosseau , Laurent Perec , Pierre Godin , Ronnie Weiss
Bara no Shugo
Nara Chiharu
Series 3 6 Raul Liverani , Levin Verley , Souma Kei , Yuushin (Bara No Shugo)
Bara to Zirconia
Saitou Ken
Series 1 1 - Fujii Miyu
Rose Hip Zero
Fujisawa Tohru
Series 1 1 - Mako (Rose Hip Zero)
Rose Lalonde
Character 662 1 -
Rose Tomas
Fullmetal Alchemist
Character 15 0 -
Rose Hearts
Mangaka 56 0
Suzutaka Maria Rose
Shin Genre Esudere!!
Character 2 0 -
Rose Mallzahar
Character 1 0 -
Rose Tyler
Doctor Who
Character 9 0 -
Haibara Rose
Rose Guns Days
Character 8 0 -
Maria Ross
Fullmetal Alchemist
Character 28 0 -
Coco Rose
Character 1 0 -
Rose (Character)
Sonic the Hedgehog
Character 1 0 -
Rose (Riviera)
Character 5 0 -
Rose (Game Of Dice)
Game of Dice
Character 3 0 -
Egoistic Rose
Silver Rain
Character 3 0 -
Rose (Rilu Rilu Fairilu)
Rilu Rilu Fairilu: Yousei no Door
Character 2 0 -
Gorgeous Rose
Aah! Megami-sama
Character 18 0 -
Rose Black
Servant × Service
Character 2 0 -

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