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Saber (Fate/stay night)
Fate/stay night
Character 20,690 19 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako

Fate/stay night

Saber is Shirou’s servant clad in middle-aged armor. She is oftentimes seen as loyal and reserved but in all actuality, she is just suppressing her own emotions to focus on the mission at hand and get things done. It wasn’t till later that it w...
Saber Alter , Lancer (Artoria Pendragon) , Artoria Caster , Saber Lily
Artoria Caster
Saber (Fate/stay night)
Character 1,360 2 Fate/Grand Order - Noble Phantasm:
Berserker (Artoria Caster) , Artoria Caster (Cosplay)
Lancer (Artoria Pendragon)
Saber (Fate/stay night)
Character 1,864 2 Lancer (Artoria Pendragon) is a lancer servant who was introduced in Fate/Grand Order. She's a lancer version of the original Artoria Pendragon (aka. Saber (Fate/stay night)). and one of the possibilities of Saber after becoming a king.

Rather than using her holy sword, she uses a [...
Ruler (Artoria Pendragon) , Lancer (Artoria Pendragon) (Cosplay)
Saber Alter
Fate/stay night
Character 4,065 4 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako

Dark version of Saber.

In the Heaven's Feel scenario, Saber is consumed by darkness by Angra Mainyu and turns into Dark Sakura's Servant, Saber Alter.

She also appears in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA but a black plate mask covers her eyes as c...
Rider (Artoria Pendragon Alter) , Santa Alter , Pitch Black King of Knights Shinjuku 1999 Ver. , Saber Alter (Cosplay)
Merlin (Fate/Prototype)
Character 847 2 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako

Counterpart of Merlin (Fate/stay night) in Fate/Prototype. While only mentioned before in the Prototype series, she appears the first time visibly in Fate/Grand Order Arcade.

Introduction & Noble Phantasm (Fate/Grand Order Arcade):https://www.youtu...
Lady Avalon , Merlin (Fate/Prototype) (Cosplay)
Fou (Fate/Grand Order)
Fate/Grand Order
Character 1,507 3 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako Fou (Fate/Grand Order) (Cosplay) , Dive to Blue , Witch Of Moonlit Night
Ruler (Artoria Pendragon)
Lancer (Artoria Pendragon)
Character 719 1 Ruler (Artoria Pendragon) is a Ruler servant who was introduced in Fate/Grand Order. She is a Ruler version of Lancer (Artoria Pendragon) and a limited time servant.

Stage 1 - #2671566 Stage 2 - #2671567
Stage 3 - #2671568 Stage 4 - #2671569

  • --------

bDesign by...
Ruler (Artoria Pendragon) (Cosplay)
Lady Avalon
Merlin (Fate/Prototype)
Character 218 0 Fate/Grand Order - Noble Phantasm:
Mysterious Heroine X
Saber (Fate/stay night)
Character 1,174 3 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako

Fate/stay night

Saber in disguise, featured in Type-Moon's 2013 April Fools' Day joke.

Fate/Grand Order

She can be summoned by the Protagonist in Fate/Grand Order for a limited time during the Saber Wars event. It is revealed, t...
Foreigner (Heroine XX) , Mysterious Heroine X (Cosplay) , Ultra Heroine Z
Saber Lily
Saber (Fate/stay night)
Character 1,352 1 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako
Original character design by: Takeuchi Takashi

Fate/unimited codes


Fate/Grand Order


Height/weight: 154cm, 42kg
Origin: Legend of King Arthur
Region: England
Alignment: Lawful-Good
Gender: Female
Saber Lily (Cosplay)
Berserker (Mysterious Heroine X Alter)
Saber (Fate/stay night)
Character 783 2 - Foreigner (Mysterious Idol X Alter) , Berserker (Mysterious Heroine X Alter) (Cosplay)
Siege (Arknights)
Character 1,060 2 - Legacy (Arknights) (Skin) , Siege (Arknights) (Cosplay)
Lancer Alter
Saber (Fate/stay night)
Character 496 2 - Lancer Alter (Cosplay) , Royal Icing
Berserker (Artoria Caster)
Artoria Caster
Character 71 0 Fate/Grand Order - Noble Phantasm:
Foreigner (Mysterious Idol X Alter)
Berserker (Mysterious Heroine X Alter)
Character 68 1 Fate/Grand Order - Noble Phantasm
Foreigner (Mysterious Idol X Alter) (Cosplay)
Blackberry Cookie
Cookie Run
Character 278 11 NOT to be confused with:
Blueberry Cookie, Blueberry Pie Cookie

▶ Voice: Jung Hye-won(KR), Kawasumi Ayako(JP)
▶ Combi Pet: Ghost Butler

Blackberry Cookie always wears a reserved look, but it would be hard to find a more caring and devoted Cookie. She has...
Ghost Butler , Elegant Respite , AdvenBerry , OniBerry
Amakura Mayu
Fatal Frame II
Character 102 1 Amakura Mayu is the older twin sister of Amakura Mio. She has a very strong sixth sense, but she has a low resistance to ghosts. Thus, she is often used by spirits as a medium. She and her sister are directly descended from Dr. Kunihiko Asou through her father. Amakura Twins
Santa Alter
Saber Alter
Character 244 1 Artoria Pendragon (Santa Alter) is a reward from the Christmas 2015 Event. She will be unobtainable after the event is over. Santa Alter (Cosplay)
Ooyodo (Kantai Collection)
Kantai Collection
Character 297 1 Original character design by: Fujikawa Ooyodo (Kantai Collection) (Cosplay)
Kamikaze (Kantai Collection)
Kantai Collection
Character 356 1 Original character design by: {Paseri]

Ship girl introduced with In-Game update from 2016-05-02
Kamikaze (Kantai Collection) (Cosplay)
Isokaze (Kantai Collection)
Kantai Collection
Character 468 1 Original character design by: Paseri Isokaze (Kantai Collection) (Cosplay)
Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere)
Odin Sphere
Character 288 1 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere) (Cosplay)
Noda Megumi
Nodame Cantabile
Character 205 0 -
Sugar (NIKKE)
NIKKE: The Goddess Of Victory
Character 11 1 - Hard-Boiled
Riveria Ljos Alf
Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka
Character 53 0 Voiced by: Taneda Risa (DanMachi) & Kawasumi Ayako (DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria)
Alice Baskerville
Pandora Hearts
Character 959 2 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako

  • --------

Alice first appeared before Oz as a chain back when he was dragged down into the Abyss. It wasn’t till later after Alice and Oz formed a contract did Oz realize that she is actually the infamous Bloodstained Black Rabbit, the most powerful c...
B Rabbit , Alice Baskerville (Cosplay)
Rider (Anne Bonny)
Fate/Grand Order
Character 93 2 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako Archer (Anne Bonny) , Rider (Anne Bonny) (Cosplay)
King George V (Azur Lane)
Azur Lane
Character 41 1 Original character design by: Enka Rose's Regalia
Shirogane Jun
Princess Connect
Character 12 1 - Jun (Princess Connect)
Jun (Princess Connect)
Shirogane Jun
Character 12 0 -
Kokoro (Dead or Alive)
Dead or Alive
Character 52 0 -
Athena (Shingeki no Bahamut)
Shingeki no Bahamut
Character 40 0 -
Kurosawa Sae
Fatal Frame
Character 16 0 -
Ushiromiya Lion
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Character 263 0 The child who Natsuhi Ushiromiya abandoned from 19 years ago. This person appears in the seventh game, Requiem of the Golden Witch, under the circumstances that Natsuhi accepted the child that Kinzo had given her to raise in order to prove her capabilities as a mother. It is suggested that because L...
Saber Lion
Saber (Fate/stay night)
Character 109 0 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako

Saber Lion is parody character based on Saber.

Saber dressed in a lion costume (to represent her favorite animal), wielding her sword Excalibur or alternately a chunk of meat, appears as a bonus character in Fate/tiger colosseum. All she says is "Ga...
Winter Schnee
Character 46 1 Weiss Schnee's older sister. Winter Schnee (Cosplay)
Aqua (Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS)
Character 36 0 -
Lecia (Shingeki no Bahamut)
Shingeki no Bahamut
Character 77 1 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako

Other Appearances:
Sky Striker
Jeanne d'Arc (Hidan no Aria)
Hidan no Aria
Character 32 1 - Jeanne d'Arc (Hidan no Aria) (Cosplay)
Hibara Shizuru
Mokke (Series)
Character 2 0 -
Tales of Legendia
Character 11 0 Grune (グリューネ Guruune?) is a protagonist from Tales of Legendia. Her "Norma Nickname" is "G-Girl" and she is known for her catchphrase "Charge!".

This mysterious Crystal Eren possesses the ability to infuse in others a warm feeling of inner peace and tranquility no matter what the circumstances. ...
Princess Resurrection
Character 49 0 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako (Series) & Hayami Saori (OVA)
Viole Mai
Battle Spirits
Character 78 1 - Viole Mai (Cosplay)
Tanikawa Yuzu
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Character 47 0 -
Nomura Miu
Piano: The Melody of a Young Girl's Heart
Character 7 0 -
Ibuki Kanami
Zaregoto Series
Character 3 0 Voiced by: Kawasumi Ayako
Seori (Xenoblade 2)
Xenoblade 2
Character 6 0 -
Kamigishi Akari
To Heart
Character 31 0 -

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