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Hattori Heiji
Meitantei Conan
Character 330 0 He is an Osakan high school detective, childhood friend and romantic interest of Toyama Kazuha. Originally a rival to Kudou Shinichi, Heiji has since found out Edogawa Conan's true identity and the two often team up to work on cases.
Hattori (ONE PIECE)
Character 91 0 -
Hattori (Junoct2000)
Mangaka 106 0 Pixiv ID:

Hattori Zenzou
Character 263 2 Hattori Zenzou is a highly skilled ninja who sports a light-brown/dark-blonde mop top and a goatee. Initially introduced as a cloaked ninja assisting in the fraudulent "Dreamcatcher" scheme, his first notable appearance was when he and Gintoki attempt to fight to the death over the last remaining is... ZenSachi , Hattori Zenzou (Cosplay)
Hattori Shizuka
Strike Witches
Character 64 0 Date of Birth: August 18
Age: 14
Height: 159 cm.
Weapon(s): Unknown
Affiliation(s): Fuso Imperial Navy
Familiar: Shikoku-ken Dog

A fourteen-year-old officer cadet from the Fuso Empire with a heart full of dreams and idealism.

A student of Sakamoto Mio, she's a first-year student at the ...
Hattori Touko
THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls
Character 9 0 -
Hattori Heizou
Meitantei Conan
Character 13 0 Father of Hattori Heiji, friend of Toyama Ginshiro and Superintendent Supervisor in the Osaka police district.
Hattori Junko
Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou
Character 64 2 - Queen's Gate Competitive Visual Book - Hattori Junko , Hattori Junko (Cosplay)
Hattori Mitsuru
Mangaka 88 2 - Sankarea , Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umishou
Hattori Hanzou (Hyakka Ryouran)
Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls
Character 45 0 Voiced by: Gotou Saori

Sen's servant and head of the Student Council police, wearing a maid's outfit and glasses. It is hinted that she has deeper feelings for Sen and may be a masochist longing for her abuses. Her weapon is a double-bladed pole that can split into two individual katana, a...
Hattori Akira
Character 11 0 -
Hattori Hanzo (Brave 10)
Brave 10
Character 7 0 -
Hattori Hanzou (Oda Nobuna no Yabou)
Oda Nobuna no Yabou
Character 3 0 Voiced by: Sakurai Takahiro

A ninja serving under Motoyasu. As his master serves Yoshimoto, he also serves under Imagawas. However he is more loyal to his master when he allows Yoshiharu to report the location of Yoshimoto's army to Nobuna so that his master will be no longer a vassal of t...
Hattori Kanzo
Ninja Hattori-kun
Character 1 0 -
Hattori Yukito
Sekajyo~the World Is Mine
Character 32 0 -
Hattori Satoshi Ken
Mangaka 6 0 -
Hattori Yujiro
Character 3 0 -
Hattori Aya
Koiiro Soramoyou
Character 62 0 -
Hattori Fukubei
20th Century Boys
Character 7 0 -
Ikenami Shizuka
Meitantei Conan
Character 3 0 Mother of Hattori Heiji and wife of Hattori Heizo.
Hattori Noritomo
Mangaka 2 0 -

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