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Joan Alter
Joan of Arc (Fate/Apocrypha)
Character 6,366 5 Missing Missing Berserker (Joan Alter) , Joan Alter Santa Lily , Dragon Witch Shinjuku 1999 Ver. , Joan Alter (Cosplay)
Avenger (Edmond Dantès)
Fate/Grand Order
Character 1,135 3 Missing Missing Monte Cristo Selection , Detective Edmond ~Foreign Nation Infiltration Arc~ , Avenger (Edmond Dantès) (Cosplay)
Avenger (Kama)
Assassin (Kama)
Character 217 1 Missing Missing Avenger (Kama) (Cosplay)
Avenger (Maou Nobunaga)
Majin Archer
Character 568 2 Missing Red Hair Long Hair Avenger (Oda Kippoushi) , Avenger (Maou Nobunaga) (Cosplay)
Avenger (Mysterious Ranmaru X)
Fate/Grand Order
Character 105 1 Missing Missing Short Hair Avenger (Mysterious Ranmaru X) (Cosplay)
Space Ishtar
Archer (Ishtar)
Character 302 1 Missing Missing Long Hair , Two-tone Hair , Two-Side-Up Space Ishtar (Cosplay)
Avenger (Fate/hollow ataraxia)
Fate/hollow ataraxia
Character 299 1 Missing Missing Short Hair Avenger (Fate/hollow ataraxia) (Cosplay)
Avenger (Antonio Salieri)
Fate/Grand Order
Character 495 1 Missing Missing Avenger (Antonio Salieri) (Cosplay)
Shinjuku Avenger
Fate/Grand Order
Character 141 2 Missing Missing Shinjuku Avenger (Cosplay) , Manatsu no Hitotoki
Fate/Grand Order
Character 270 0 Missing Green Hair Long Hair
Avenger (Nitocris Alter)
Caster (Nitocris)
Character 60 0 Missing Missing
Avenger (Taira no Kagekiyo)
Rider (Fate/Grand Order)
Character 99 0 Missing Missing
Avenger (Gorgon)
Rider (Fate/stay night)
Character 157 1 Missing Missing Long Hair Avenger (Gorgon) (Cosplay)
Avenger (Utsumi Erice)
Utsumi Erice
Character 29 0 Missing Missing
Avenger (Chloe von Einzbern)
Chloe von Einzbern
Character 14 0 Missing Missing
Avenger (Marie Alter)
Rider (Marie Antoinette)
Character 28 1 Missing Missing Avenger (Marie Alter) (Cosplay)
Avenger (Black Iri)
Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern
Character 14 0 Missing Missing
True Archer
Fate/strange fake
Character 18 0 Missing Missing

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