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Entry by lunadelmar on Wed Jan 25 23:50:38 2012.

Tags: Anime, Kei (Space Sonic), Final Fantasy XIII, Noel Kreiss, Serah Farron

Kei (Space Sonic), Final Fantasy XIII, Noel Kreiss, Serah Farron


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  • imastealtoys

    Feb 04, 2012

    i kinda like this :3

  • RawRIchigo


    Feb 05, 2012

    Snow seems... a little to spontaneous for Serah...
    I kind of prefer SerahxNoel.

  • kickassfu

    Feb 06, 2012

    amazingly beautiful :)

  • shyblueangel

    Feb 07, 2012

    I personally ship Serah and Snow, cuz Noel is just bro, but this IS gorgeous.

    @KachinoOkimane: This is fanart. And I think people should be able to express their love of a of shippings, even if those shippings would never end up being real in the actual game. (That's kinda the point of fanart/fanfiction)

  • kittypaw88


    Feb 11, 2012

    i think snow looks very cool in final fantasy xiii-2 he looks like a man and noel is like you said is pretty boy * no offense intended ^_^'' * noel is cool too ;)
    anyways nice pic really nice art and colors TwT

  • KachinoOkimane


    Feb 11, 2012

    Noel has a decent design, of course, and is a pretty interesting character.

    I just dislike that he replaced Snow in part of the fandom's eyes. After all the things he did for her, why would she suddenly change whats in her mind and heart?

  • DrawingLady12

    Feb 13, 2012

    To tell you the truth, I never liked Serah and Snow as a couple-- but I understand your theory of the "Opposites attract" thing. But Snow is too damn annoying and immature for Serah.
    But I believe, in my opinion, that Serah is better off with Noel.

    Oh and about the Hope/Lightnting
    I support that too (but perfer the older Hope/Lightning)and I find it cute.

  • Raziel~


    Feb 14, 2012

    I also prefer Noel x Serah they make and good team a would make a pretty sweet couple imo. I never liked Snow x Serah in the first game and i still don't. I just don't find this couple appealing...

    btw i think Snow qualifies to be in the 'pretty boy' category as well...his face looks 'pretty' to me...

    Anyway, i agree with DrawingLady12 :)

    Oh and i love Hope x Lightnting! cute<3 :D

  • Nyuuzinha

    Feb 22, 2012

    Hmm... well. I don't like Snow. And I don't like Serah either, so...

    Anyway, I think what they did with Snow in FFXIII-2 totally unnecessary. Had no reason to let the girl back and he is quite annoying to see "change" the subject of their marriage EVERY TIME. She fills her mouth to talk about it (proud), and in the end he makes a ridiculous comment and then show the face that she does (sad or unhappy).

    She loves Snow? Of course, nobody doubts that. She has her reasons, as anyone in love.

    Now, I think Noel could, yes, be a love interest for her. He also has its qualities and is completely different from Snow. And even if his personality is a little more like that of Serah, is not reason not to work, IF it were to succeed.

    But the focus is not to do it with a shoujo love triangles. She spends the entire story more concerned with her sister than anything else, so there's no "hole" for a new love interest. But that has "malicious clues" during the game about Serah x Noel, THAT IS. (At the beginning the people of NORA, for example :'D)

    And he also has his own concerns, and had he lived a hard life in his time, was not very full of lovely dovely, so he does not know how to proceed in such a situation, in fact, even if she "throw" upon him, I think he would not understand.

    Noel knows to behave much more like a "brother" rather than as a "boyfriend." (I predict some fanfictions Serah giving "lessons" about some things for him, you know, she is a teacher after all huhuhu)

    So, I think is valid people fantasizing about the two. ^^-

  • Raziel~


    Feb 26, 2012

    KachinoOkimane: Honestly, i don't understand something here... why do i have to give you like 100 reasons why i prefer Noel x Serah to Snow x Serah?... Yes i know that Snow x Serah have their good points and they're not a bad couple...but dose that mean i have to like it? just because they make a 'good' couple?

    I dislike Snow, i find this pairing pretty boring & I didn't like their story in FF13; it never moved me personally. So yes, that's enough for me to not like them together(or more like...i don't really care about them) On the other side, I really liked the chemistry between Noel and Serah they make a really good team and it was just fun to watch them for me. Also, I was more emotionally involved with Noel x Serah interactions (especially the Ending scene) than i ever was in any of Snow and Serah scenes in both games.

    "If you lived in a world like that, wouldn't you be drawn to some one who could still act like that? Some one who still makes an effort to be happy and make others happy?"
    Noel also makes an effort to be happy and make others happy even thought he is the last remaining human from 700 years in the future. He's a pretty fun person to be with imo just more in the mature way than Snow. That's why i like it more.

    & Obviously there was no 'romance' between them as Serah already has Snow. But there were definitely few 'aww' moments that could have lead to some romantic interactions if it wasn't for Snow ofc.
    do i think Noel x Serah is possible? yes, but only if Snow wasn't there... but he is and Serah loves him & Noel respects Snow x Serah relationship...But do i have to like it? :)

    Anyway, you like Snow x Serah for the reasons you mention and that's fine, i understand all your points and why you like them together:) i on the other hand find it boring and sometimes a bit annoying for the same reasons...but just because i think that way, it doesn't mean they make a horrible couple or something... Just, not that appealing for me.

  • KachinoOkimane


    Feb 29, 2012

    Thank you. Your explainations make alot more sense than the other persons. In fact it the best one I've heard anywhere.

    I'm afraid it's too late for me to apologize for my dramatic behavior and harsh demands, but I'll be nice enough to delete my prevoius comments. You're obviously a smart fan, unlike others who can't hold up an arguement...

  • hisoka kakashi


    Mar 04, 2012

    i love final fantasy

  • Nyuuzinha

    Mar 07, 2012

    And in the end, everything comes down to personal taste and different views for each situation.

    I also feel much more motivated to see the moments "awww" from Serah (I even came to like her more in the end, because of Noel, as strange as it sounds) and Noel.

    I think in the end, I prefer the cute couple, than the couple most problematic (not in the good direction, -my opinion here-) I've seen in FF.

  • danaida

    Sep 08, 2012

    Damn you, Snow.

  • CFA09


    Oct 14, 2012

    I absolutely love these two, but not as a couple.

    Yeah, at first Snow was so hyper and seemed unsuitable for Serah, that I didn't like them together that much. I mean, yeah they were already canon so I had no reason to dislike it but I didn't like them either. But then the time came where all main 6 of FFXIII became l'Cie. Even at that time, without thinking for himself, Snow was chasing after Serah and he has always done so. I don't know about who suits who better, because I am not a match-maker. It's up to the characters to decide what they want and as a Serah fan, I would gladly go with her choice. Snow and Serah both care for each other and the time he spent in FFXIII thinking about her, I wouldn't like it all go to waste. I also like these two, but have this old love for Snow and Serah which won't go away. That's my opinion on these characters.

    Aside that, this picture is so tremendously beautiful that it gives off a mystical feeling. Heart-wrenching and magical; a masterpiece.

  • lady Rivel Keehl


    Nov 19, 2012

    NoelxSerah all the way!!! <3 I've always disliked the SnowxSerah pairing and Snow himself xD

  • zuttozutto


    Jan 18, 2013

    i honestly ship these two so much. But then when i think about how snow would be sad i cant help but ship both Noel x Serah and Snow x Serah /:

  • nonachan

    Oct 24, 2013

    love it..

  • ayesha0642

    Jul 30, 2014

    i didn't play the whole game,it was first my friend
    introduce me the ff series.i started it from 13.

    my friend dislike serah,she think serah ship noel and snow.
    she had a marriage with snow first in ff13,but in ff13-2,she
    react coldly toward snow .when hope is holding her hands,she blushes,but when she holds noel's hands,she doesn't react different,it proves that their relationship has superior more than friends.

    i don't hate serah,but i find this's too weird between her
    ,snow and noel.when serah dies,she dies in noel's arms,and
    noel's speech make me feel they are ...not just friends...

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