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Entry by Fran-chan on Thu Dec 1 19:08:42 2011.

Tags: Anime, Junjou Romantica, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Kamijou Hiroki, Yanase Yuu, Demotivational Poster, Collage, Screenshot, Mobile Wallpaper, deviantART, Junjou Egoist

Junjou Romantica, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Kamijou Hiroki, Yanase Yuu, Demotivational Poster, Collage, Screenshot, Mobile Wallpaper, deviantART, Junjou Egoist


Comments (English)

  • SadisticXSweetheart


    Dec 02, 2011

    Eh. Not really.

    ...Yuu's better <3

  • Koolasn


    Dec 04, 2011

    The designs on that show look similar. I had a hard time keeping up because I kept getting people confused unless the couples were alone together.

  • Demonic_Puppet


    Dec 04, 2011

    It's a younger version of Hiro-Chan! XDDDD

  • dracosjuno

    Dec 07, 2011

    Yuu! Ah, he's the best. Well, at least top 5 material.

  • rensu-kazuma

    Dec 09, 2011

    <_< i don't see anything.

  • setarehabi


    Dec 12, 2011

    ^me too!! >_<

  • Izaya x)


    Dec 17, 2011

    Just shut up ajaja, the creator lose imagination~ x'DDD but who cant lose it~? its a lot stuff to think~ grrr >:@ ajajajaj

  • cake-chan

    Dec 18, 2011

    i agre with you u.u

  • Fallon Kristerson

    Dec 20, 2011

    yuu's way better >3<

  • puffy_fluffy123

    Dec 20, 2011

    Nu. Hiroki is BETTER. c: ♥

  • paper door


    Dec 20, 2011

    yes 100% hiroki is better!

  • cake-chan

    Dec 21, 2011

    it's the same writer, the same story and the characters -.- there the same...

  • setarehabi


    Dec 22, 2011

    @paper door
    you'r cruel!!! ;A;
    why no one loves yu?!!

  • eval


    Dec 26, 2011

    I don't love it but i like it

  • otakugirll


    Dec 26, 2011

    Yuu has psycho troll voice 8'D

    So, Yuu. <3

  • Riou Natsuya

    Jan 02, 2012

    no i don't see it ._. watever hiroki ftw! besides there's too much yuu in the already so don't complain

  • Nekokratik


    Jan 29, 2012

    Yuu is better ... well, that's what I think. And ... they are not really quite the same unless you stare

  • SunFang

    Feb 11, 2012

    Hiro <3

  • ice.fairy76


    Feb 13, 2012

    I like Yuu better :D

  • Nyan-chan

    Feb 21, 2012

    yuu *u*

  • RuuKitsune

    Feb 25, 2012

    I thought I was the only one seeing that way... But SERIOUSLY I notice that too.. but not in this picture... there is a pic of Hiroki which you'll really confuse him as Yuu'

    but OF COURSE! Yuu is hotter <3

  • Czech1711

    Apr 02, 2012

    Hiro-san ~ XD

  • GrellSutcliff9

    Apr 13, 2012

    "you see that too right?!"
    Me:*looks at with concerned face*....hiroki's too hot....

  • kaitoucoon


    Apr 23, 2012

    i will admit that a lot of nakamura's characters look a bit alike..but there is only so much you can do with a dudes hair if you are doing realistic characters...

  • NekoMaid


    Jul 05, 2012

    Yuu is hotter. I also like Hiroki too. :)

  • fau_chocolat


    Jul 28, 2012

    they do not really resemble each other...
    hiroki has cuter and sweeter face *hiroki throws book at me T^T*
    yuu has cooler face...sharper features...

    anyway, I like both of them!!!

  • RottenGirlMegumi

    Sep 16, 2012

    I hate Yuu...

  • NekoMaid


    Oct 03, 2012


    How dare you?? D:

  • LadyGaze


    Oct 10, 2012

    Yep, Hiroki is better~! n////n

  • KarinetSasuke


    Oct 10, 2012

    i hate Hiroki xD , no i just hate tsudere uke but they are so many è_é !

  • Okumura666

    Dec 29, 2012

    My 2 favs characters together ^_^

  • Kinue-chan


    Jan 24, 2013

    I love Hiro based solely on the fact that Nowaki is his (HOT FREAKING DOCTOR) seme >3<

    Poor Yuu though...forever alone DX

  • Ivythefairy


    May 22, 2013

    To be honest they look nothing like each other...

  • BakaOuji


    Jan 15, 2014

    to be honest to me all the seme characters and all the uke characters look the same just the hair style looks different!
    but Hiroki is the best =D

  • MinatoMashiro13

    Apr 16, 2014

    Hiroki is 100% the best!!!and they dont really look alike in my eyes...

  • caird56

    Dec 05, 2015

    no your not crazy XD

  • kurkur


    Jun 07, 2019

    Hirokiiiii~ the most lucky uke in the world, to have nowaki as his seme!

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