Fate/strange fake #851700

Entry by Rider Matou on Tue Nov 8 13:21:03 2011.

Tags: Anime, Haine (Howling), Fate/zero, Fate/strange fake, Gilgamesh, Lancer (Fate/strange fake)

Haine (Howling), Fate/zero, Fate/strange fake, Gilgamesh, Lancer (Fate/strange fake)


Comments (English)

  • xxRomano


    Nov 19, 2011

    Who's the girl? o.o

  • BloodDupre182


    Dec 02, 2011

    Enkidu. Gilgamesh's friend. And it's supposed to be a guy. He was supposed to be Gilgamesh's equal in his Epic Story.

  • will-of-alice


    Dec 02, 2011

    my god this looks so much like shion and satoshi..

  • irethanari0n

    Dec 21, 2011

    why Enkidu got a ****s? i thought 'he' was a male

  • BloodDupre182


    Dec 27, 2011

    maybe a gender-bend then.

  • BrunofanofK

    Mar 29, 2012

    in fate/fake estranger Enkidus is sumoned, and I would say, someone did it again, Enkidos doesn't looks nothing like man in the art work, but is a girl like saber.


    May 15, 2012

    It's becos Enkidu supposedly took for o Shamatt,who is a woman :P

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