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Entry by overdoor on Mon Oct 17 14:18:45 2011.

Tags: Anime, Hoka, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Medieval, Protecting, Fanart, Pixiv

Hoka, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Medieval, Protecting, Fanart, Pixiv


Comments (English)

  • pikachu‚ô•


    Oct 17, 2011

    this is so cute to me

  • Radiata


    Oct 18, 2011


  • Scampii

    Oct 18, 2011

    So cool! XD

  • mistermaster


    Oct 18, 2011

    Seriously, this is really beautifully. They looks so cute together, real brother-sister love.

  • Fallon Kristerson

    Oct 19, 2011

    beautiful <3

  • monstermask


    Oct 22, 2011

    What language is written on this picture? I'm studying Hindi, but it doesn't look like the Devanagari script. I'm not aware of any languages other than Indic ones with a headstroke (horizontal line above the letters), so I can't figure out what it is. x__x

    I spent a really long time trying to figure it out since it's really bugging me.

    I feel like the artist made up this writing by drawing it or something, but they have another picture with Arabic writing, making me think they like Middle Eastern stuff. Please help me out if you know.

  • Taniyama_Mai


    Oct 22, 2011

    Oh wow this is really nice! I love the Robin Hood feel it has<3

    ^Sorry, I have no idea<:3

  • LeiteDestiny

    Oct 22, 2011

    Oh wow, this is amazing! Adorable and yet so cool!
    Hm...I'm sorry @Monstermask but I don't know the language either. >.<

  • Kayako


    Oct 22, 2011

    @monstermask: It's Gibberish. xD /shot
    Sorry, I don't know either.

    Hmm.. so Switzerland is going as Robin Hood for Halloween, huh? Well, that's not really scary..

  • sakurahime45

    Oct 25, 2011

    Switzerland is William Tell and not sure who Liechtenstein is supposed to be but she goes together with Switzerland. Offficial halloween designs <3

  • Gelai


    Oct 28, 2011

    I find this picture really awesome because it's drawn by Hoka and it has Switzerland and Liechtenstein in it. <3

  • Map of the Stars

    Oct 30, 2011

    YES! More SwitzLeich pleaseee. <3

  • Bound2Mother

    Oct 30, 2011

    alright so according to some wikipedia research, Switzerland is indeed William Tell. According to Swiss legend, Tell was forced to shoot an apple over his son's head in order to escape execution. So that means that Liechtenstein is supposed to be Tell's son. Funny thing is William Tell actually used a crossbow in the legend, not a bow. I guess Himaruya skipped over that detail. Or maybe Switzerland is supposed to be some kind of Tell / Robin Hood hybrid?

  • darkgothkitsune


    Oct 30, 2011

    L-O-V-E I-T

  • shiroihana


    Nov 10, 2011

    I love how hetalia led me to seeing these comments that taught me a lot about cultures :)

  • DeathNote-KIRA

    Nov 10, 2011

    link *o* haha XD

  • YukiFost

    Nov 11, 2011

    *heart beats quickly* ^///^
    so cute

  • Sacred Heart BREAK

    Nov 25, 2011

    Gosh this is pretty! I love, love, LOVE this, I desire an AU fic //rolls of to read Hetafic//

  • cestalia

    Dec 26, 2011


  • black-embers

    Jan 16, 2012


  • diamondSyo


    Jan 25, 2012

    This is so pretty. :D Switzerland is amazing! =)

  • Matryoshka ~


    May 17, 2012

    Monstermaker, this are 'our' letters .. c: First, I had a similiar intention like you but then I zoomed in and could read the first word: "Schwiizerischi" .. xD But I'm not quite sure .. because the words have a very special script and so it's worse to read D:

  • Raganore

    Jul 12, 2012


    They're not related at all. Switzerland just found Liechtenstein on the streets and took her to his home to take care of her. They're not blood siblings.

  • RiriKaze


    Jul 22, 2012

    Heartwarming and beautiful!
    Switzerland looks very badass with a bow. Oh wait, he's always badass.

  • Edefrem

    Jul 31, 2012


  • Kestrad

    Dec 03, 2012

    Ouch, when he lets go that bowstring will twang right into Liech's face.

  • audio_scars

    Feb 18, 2013

    Yeah, this isn't Hindi or Sanskrit or any Indic language. I think it's German just stylized. You can see the romanized letters if you look closely.

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