Axis Powers: Hetalia by Shou G #772724

Mangaka: Shou G, uploaded by fles Sep 18, 2011.

Tags: Anime, Shou G, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Prussia, North Italy, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Sweden

Shou G, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Prussia, North Italy, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Sweden

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    earth_dragon_thoth Sep 18, 2011
    Please translate <3
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    yelloweyes3 Sep 18, 2011
    Second that. Please, translateeee!!!! it looks pretty interesting.
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    italiancupcake Sep 18, 2011
    Loled at christmas party XD
  • Sushimonstah

    Sushimonstah Sep 18, 2011
    xDDD Prussia can't believe that Hungary is in a dress.
  • Romania

    Romania Sep 18, 2011
  • Kayako

    Kayako Sep 19, 2011
    Loving the HongIce and genderbent France & Hungary part. <3 Oh, Eli looks very pretty in a dress. :3 And the drawings are really wonderful too. :D Hnnnnnng, I like the whole comic very, very much! >w<
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    Sa Cost Sep 21, 2011
    cute :D
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    Micahstaco Sep 21, 2011
    I dont think France was genderbent... xD
  • Kayako

    Kayako Sep 21, 2011
    ^Well, I don't see his beard so.. xD And it would only be logical for him to be genderbent since Eli is genderbent as well. :I
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    SuperNekofan Sep 21, 2011
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    ninja maid Sep 24, 2011
    All I can read is:
    Japan is devastated by the lack of white rice at Hogwarts.
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    masakahitachiin Oct 01, 2011
    pls pls pls oh for god pls translation pls
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    EternalDreamer Oct 02, 2011
    Am I the only one who lol'ed at the Nordics' "Welcome Iceland" act? XD
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    Sara Fey Oct 02, 2011
    best drawinstyle ever *гг*
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    nunners Oct 07, 2011
    @ Kayako, I don;t think Hungary and France are genderbent, I think they're young. Playing off of Harry Potter you enter the school when you are 11, and I think that is what it's supposed to be. It looks like it's the first time Gilbert and Francis meet, and Gilbo is mistaking him for a girl until Antonio is like "meet Francis he's a perv" or whatever.
  • Riruka

    Riruka Oct 08, 2011
    Why should Hungary pick Prussia if she's in love with Austria ...-.-
  • Kynarii

    Kynarii Oct 10, 2011
    well Prussia has feelings too you know. :/
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    iulsie Oct 15, 2011
    in what house is Romania?
  • Kayako

    Kayako Oct 22, 2011
    @Riruka: Agreed! :D I don't like PruHun. .__.

    @nunners: Well.. that makes sense~ Pffft. I wish I entered Hogwarts when I was 11.. T__T I would definitely be in Slytherin. And there, I'd be best friends with Prussia. 8D
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    Deskachan Oct 24, 2011
    @Riruka: well, to me it looks like when Rony wasn't with Hermione. He was in the ball with other girl. xD
    Even if the artist didn't want to look like that, for some reason now this can't go out of my head. Dx
    I like Pruhun, to tell you the true, they are my OTP. But I don't care if people don't like them, or if ship other couples that involves this two.
    Because, they're countries. I think basically any couples are possible. xD
  • lucy_leeslie

    lucy_leeslie Oct 30, 2011
    Oh, I also love the PruHun
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    cestalia Oct 31, 2011
    I don't care about the ship...
    translation please TTwTT
  • Aozora-chan

    Aozora-chan Nov 01, 2011
    I love the NORDICS and PRUSSIA <3
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    animebaka14 Nov 02, 2011
    Hungary's a hot male.
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    Shiraneko Jan 21, 2012
    Is it just me or did the "genderbent France & Hungary" look like Poland and Lithuania to anyone? Maybe not too similar, but the combination...
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    celticpanda Jan 31, 2012
    France and Hungary aren't genderbent. Those are probably pictures of when they were first years. When Hungary was younger she thought she was a boy and France wouldn't have a beard when he's 11-17 years old.
  • Eplepaii

    Eplepaii Feb 07, 2012
    what the fruk norway is smiling
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    Le_ja Mar 20, 2012
    I don't understand anything but it looks awesome TnT
  • kuurei

    kuurei Mar 26, 2012
    loved the HKxIceland bit, with the Nordic family too of coarse x)
    PruHun was adorable! Gil being an idiot as usual xD
    and LMAO at France's entry xDDD
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    Cat101495 Mar 27, 2012
    I don't think Hungary and France were genderbent in this because, at the end Hungary is wearing a dress(girl). I think both of them were just cross dressing o3o
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    red_rabbit Apr 25, 2012
    America is saying something to Arthur ( ku ta ba ne! whatever the heck that means ) Canada is saying something along the lines of Al should stop doing whatever he's doing because people ...forward...? maybe he could hit somebody or somesuch?

    England's saying something about how Alfred (America) and Matthew (Canada) are still his little angels or something along those lines.

    ....those were the only bits I could read and comprehend. The rest i have no clue.'s still ridiculously cute.

    ....I am not good enough to read the rest of the writing.
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    Zalsburry Apr 29, 2012
    ^ To clarify red_rabbit's point, America is saying, "Kutabare, Asa!" or "**** you, Arthur!"

    Also, when Hungary's all-dolled up, it's supposed to be the Christmas Dance Party.

    Thank you, red_rabbit, for translating the parts you did!
  • Hidenka

    Hidenka Apr 29, 2012
    France is a very beautiful boy XDXD

    lol, Hungary went straight to Austria when she spotted him.
  • gabinyan

    gabinyan Jul 26, 2012
    Prussia is Ron, Hungary is Hermione and Austria is Viktor Krum, that's how I see this :3
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    Red Frog Sep 04, 2012
    translate pleaseee
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    hanashimatsugumi Sep 28, 2012

    First Panel

    The first day of entering

    Ah...that's right
    I'm going to eat English food starting today...!
    If you're in Rome, do as the Romans do, Honda!
    Don't slip!

    Japan: I want to eat rice...!

    N. Italy: Ve~~~~~It baaad, brotheeeeer
    S. Italy: Don't tell me that, idiot brother!!! Now you've made me lose my appetite!!!
    Spain: Feli-chan if you want tomatoes, there are some~
    France: I've come to respect this. Compared to Arthur's cooking, this is...!!!
    UK: I heard you, bearrrdy!!

    Second Panel

    Boss made some tomatoes in the schoolyard

    Spain: I made these tomatoes--
    they're very delicious--
    Eat them, eat them!!
    N. Italy: I want to eat pastaaa! VEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    S. Italy: I want to eat pizza too, you know! Dammit!
    France: Even if I've come to respect this (food), It's still very scary

    Third Panel

    The famous battle between Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff! The beaters' final battle!!

    Hungary: FAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!
    Romania: LIKE I'D LET YOOOOOU!!!

    Fourth Panel

    After the match...

    Arrow: Fell from her broom

    Hungary: Oi! Don't follow me
    Romania: I have a need for the infirmary
    Hungary: Haa? You're not injured at all
    Romania: My body and heart are all beaten up
    Hungary: Liar--You're really annoying
    Romania: I feel like that too
    Romania: More than that, what's with today's match?
    Romania: Usually, you'd be able to fend off that kind of ball. How lame--
    Hungary: S-shut Up!!
    Hungary: I'm not in a good condition today...
    Romania: Hee~ Is that so?
    Hungary: Shut uup

    Fifth Panel

    Ice-kun is admitted into Gryffindor!

    BG: Waaaaaa
    BG: Pachi pachi(clapping)

    Denmark's trumpet: Panpanpan (shoots out)
    Sweden's confetti: Yusa Yusa (shake shake)
    Finland's Banner: Ice-kun! Congratulations on the admission! Welcome to Gryffindor!

    Someone: Congratz--
    Someone: How Cute!
    Someone: Congratulations
    Someone: Hee. So that's Norway's little brother, huh?

    Sixth Panel

    Iceland: I don't get it

    BG: *clapping*

    Norway: Come fly into big brother's open arms*
    Denmark: As expected of our little brother-dappe!!!
    Norway: Don't misunderstand. He's my little brother. Anko** can go die
    Finland: Haa~~~To think that we're in the same House...I'm glad
    Sweden: N.

    Ice is in a dilemma

    Seventh Panel

    Hong Kong: Could this be my turn to appear!? wwwwwww
    BG: *excited*
    BG: *clapping*
    • -> Hong-kun who is in the same House as Ice-kun

    Eight Panel

    First Years
    Hong-kun--> A little? Troublemaker
    Ice-kun--> Honest Kid

    Sixth Years
    Norway--> Ice's big brother
    Denmark--> God of destruction
    Finland--> (I can't read this)
    Sweden--> Fin is my waifu

    Ninth Panel

    Fifth Year DK group

    Ice: Don't sleep! Idiot Hong!
    BK: Slap
    Hong: ...can't you wake me up more gently?
    Ice: Be grateful that I didn't use a book! Do your report! Look, You aren't even halfway yet!
    Hong: If you would let me pet your head, I'll do it..
    Ice: Are you an Idiot???!
    • Nor actually said chest, but if I put it in English, it sounds kinda weird to me
    • Anko=brother (tsugaru dialect)

    To be continued
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    poptartruby Oct 19, 2012
    ^ Thanks SO much
    PLEASE continue!
  • emmcol164

    emmcol164 Apr 12, 2013
    cute drawings!
    thx for the translation!^^
  • PokeSeraph

    PokeSeraph Jun 23, 2013
    @hanashimatsugumi, thanks you so, so much!

    please continue the translation!
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    Hinoe Dec 15, 2021
    Okay, I will try to continue where hanashimatsugumi left off:

    Austria and Germany:

    Austria: "I really wonder why the stairs have to move around!! How can you not get lost like that!!"
    Germany: "I don’t think it is just that… You have been at Hogwarts longer than me, why do you still get lost?"
    Austria: "That’s what I want to know!"
    • >To Austria: Relative of Lud an Gil. I think the stairs are too much for him. Before Lud enrolled here, he kept getting lost between dormitorys.
    • > To Germany: A hard working guy who keeps getting swayed around. Responsible for that is mostly Feli-chan. However, it seems like he is starting to not feel so bad about such a daily life.

    America and Canada:

    They will only need glasses once they grow older. America and Canada aren’t twins but cousins who look very similar. England is their relative with whom they have lived for a while, but now they are living with Muggles.

    Canada: "Don’t point it towards people, Al!"
    America: "Go die, Arthur!"
    • > To Canada: He doesn’t need the cloak of invisibility
    • > To America: He is very enthusiastic about developing flashy magic


    England: "My angel is so very cute today, too!"

    Text: The fourth son of a great family famous for their magic talents. He stands out even within his family for his excellent magic skills, being both role model and object of jealousy. He acts like an overprotective big brother towards America and Canada. His friends are mostly yokai and forest spirits, but lately he feels like he became closer with Honda, too. He also feels like he wants to get along better with Romania, who is in the same grade and year and seems to give of a vibe similar to his own (that is to say: they are both tsundere). He wants to attend the lessons (or maybe club-activities?) of the tomato-bastard and therefore tries to keep him from running away all the time. Good luck, eyebrows! Man, this turned into a lot of text. (Yeah it did! XD)

    Hungary and Prussia:
    • > To Hungary: Since Hogwarts is a boarding school, she found out that she’s a girl before enrollment. She even wears a skirt, but still acts like a boy. Well, it will take a lot of time before this Eliza changes.
    • > To Prussia: He is Eliza‘s childhood friend. He realized that she’s a girl a long time ago, even if she herself never did. This situation has always given him a lot of headache, and it seems like that will never change.
    • On the train:

    Hungary: "Why do I have to wear such a fluttering thing?" (She uses „ore“ to refer to herself.)

    Prussia: "Don’t lift that…! Are you even wearing anything underneath…?"

    Thinks: 'Suddenly changing clothes like that really is bad for my heart!'

    Hungary: "See, I can’t move as I want because it’s always fluttering between my legs!"

    Text in the right corner:
    During the events of „The Philosopher’s Stone“, they changed clothes inside the train, right? I’m already grinning just thinking about that scene with Gil and Eli!

    In the left corner:
    Eliza, who has always been fine with just taking off her clothes in front of everyone, makes Prussia already worry about her dormitory life.

    Prussia and France (and Spain):

    Text on the upper right: When they first went to class together:

    France: "I am Francis. It is very nice to meet you. What is your name?" (Using ‚Ore‘ again.)

    Prussia: "Uha, oh, oh, I am Gilbert Beilschmidt... Nice to meet you."
    Thinking: 'She’s sparkling like crazy! Is this what it feels like to meet a beautiful girl (bishoujo)? When they say someone looks like a doll… ? Did she use ‚ore‘ just now…?'

    Says: "Eh? ORE…??? "

    Spain: "Well, this guy is MALE, after all. He often gets mistaken for a girl, though. He is also a ****, so do be careful. Ah! I am Antonio Fernández Carriedo, by the way. Nice to meet you!"

    France’s little text says: "Come on, don’t tell him! I’ll get embarassed~"

    France and Hungary genderbend:

    Oyabun (Spain) and Onii-chan (France) are also childhoodfriends. Oyabun’s first love was surely Onii-chan, even though he would never admit that (lol). Onii-chan will never know about the first love he stole.

    Gil doesn’t have friends in his grade. Well, at least it feels like it. Few people know, but he is actually a really good chess player.

    Headline: I tried swapping their school uniforms:

    The Christmas Dance Party:

    Right corner: "That girl is cute~"
    Prussia: "Huh?!"
    Left corner: "From which house is she?!"

    Next panel:

    Prussia: "Wha- You- EEeeeliiza??!"
    Hungary: "You’re too loud!"
    Thinking: 'Guh~~~~ Why did I have to meet this irritating guy of all people! And here I thought he wouldn’t find out!'

    Next panel:

    Hungary: "Wha- What’s your problem? The kids from my dorm helped me with this."
    Prussia: "Deh- Ah- No… You… This… And with make up, too…"
    Hungary: "I… I know it doesn’t look perfect. It doesn’t suit me, right? Such a pretty dress…"
    Prussia: "That’s… not…"
    Thinking: 'EEEeeeeehhhh…?! She’s so… cute…!'
    Hungary: "?? Is it so weird?"
    Prussia thinking: 'That’s NOT the reasooooooon…! Why do you act like a girl all of sudden?! Damn iiiit! You look way too cuuuuteee!!'

    Next panel:

    Someone from behind: "Is Elizaveta here?"
    Hungary: "Ah! Roderich-san! I’m coming!"
    Prussia: "?!"
    Hungary: "Well then, see you, Gil!"
    Prussia: "Ah!!? Wai-"

    Next panel:

    First: "You really are…
    Second: "Y’know how you’re…
    Together: IDIOT...
    France: …aren’t you?"
    Spain: … I guess."
    Prussia: "SHUT UUUUUP!!! Since when have you been standing there!!?"
    France: "Haaa~ Big brother is so very sad…"
    Spain: "It’s because you always act like this that you will lose to Roderich…"

    Austria in the corner: "I’m sorry I kept you waiting."
    Hungary: "No- Not at all! I (Ore)… Er, I (Watashi) just came here myself!"
    Austria: "Fufufu… That dress suits you really well!"
    Hungary: "Eh? Th- Th- Thank You very much!" >///<

    Last panel with Hungary:

    '...... When Gil is wearing that kind of outfit, he turns into a pretty good-looking guy, too...
    It was the first time I saw him in such an attire...
    Come to think of it, the others from the dorm have recently started swarming around him... I wonder why? Hm~ But somehow...

    Swarming around that Gil... I don’t like that.'

    Phew, I did it! :D It was a lot of work and also a lot of fun. I have actually been wondering what the text says for a long time, myself. That last little story was so cute! ♥ Even more so since I ship Hungary with Prussia. ^^

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed it!