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Entry by Lazy Child on Tue Sep 6 00:03:24 2011.

Tags: Anime, Atori (Pixiv1630387), Pokémon, Dewott, N (Pokémon), Touko (Pokémon), Ace Trainer, Date, Ferris Wheel, Trainer Class

Atori (Pixiv1630387), Pokémon, Dewott, N (Pokémon), Touko (Pokémon), Ace Trainer, Date, Ferris Wheel, Trainer Class


Comments (English)

  • TheTrainerNamedSilver


    Sep 06, 2011

    lol reminds me of a comic i found on here. ;D N returns yet again.

  • neko-tan


    Sep 06, 2011

    "N returns"? He is never gone. He's always there. Stalk--- *ensuring Touko's safety*.

    Speaking of which, there should totally be a tag just for Creeper N.

  • Kyokyo<3


    Sep 10, 2011

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! i just lol'd
    but if he wants to stalk-i mean, PROTECT her so much...why did he leave her in the first place?

  • Emmie


    Sep 15, 2011

    Lol. That's just like N. Always staying by Touko's side... At a distance..... A very, CLOSE, distance

  • musicboxmelodyh

    Sep 17, 2011

    White:*Looks from N to other trainer* thinking:"He isn't phased at all by a random creeper smacking into the top cart of a two-story ride?"

  • PyroFox-Forever789


    Nov 08, 2011

    I think this was an accident cause if you all remember at the end of the game he flies away "forever" and here I think he shows up by crashing the pokemon into the ride. lol xD

  • RiriKaze


    Nov 09, 2011

    Does N even know what personal space is?

  • KombatKat


    Nov 21, 2011

    Haha "creeper N" but i remember this in the game. It was sweet :D

  • Sa Cost

    Dec 21, 2011

    N, the biggest stalker That you've never known.

  • Demon-Angel


    Dec 29, 2011

    N is the hottest stalker I've ever seen.

  • Shiawase-usagichan


    Jan 11, 2012

    love this picture so much xD bhwhahaha!!!

  • crazyanime

    Apr 02, 2012

    N = Natural stalker

  • cestalia

    Apr 04, 2012

    Oshawoot surprised XD

  • ShadowProve13


    May 01, 2012

    Austin: th-thanks for letting me hold your hand again Touko....
    Touko: *looks at window* O.O!! *thinks* WHT THE-?!?
    N: Touko~ ima back~
    Austin: *doesn't even notice creepy-stalker-....i mean N on the window*

  • gloomylady


    May 22, 2012

    N again

  • FormerlyMIC


    May 24, 2012

    N: Hola
    Touko: WTF!?
    Ace Trainer: ♪♪♪♪♪

  • Taba-Boomcha


    May 30, 2012

    Dewott is like "HOLY MAMA JAMA BATMAN!!!"

  • Kurimu Shiro Usagi


    Aug 31, 2012

    Looks* Oh my gahd... HOW THE HECK DID HE GWET UP HERE?!!!

  • akemibaka


    Sep 05, 2013


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