Axis Powers: Hetalia (Himaruya Hidekaz) #632220

Entry by alegria on Thu Jun 23 21:03:22 2011.

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 805720, Axis Powers: Hetalia, France (Female), Prussia (Female), Spain (Female), Nyotalia

Pixiv Id 805720, Axis Powers: Hetalia, France (Female), Prussia (Female), Spain (Female), Nyotalia


Comments (English)

  • usa_chan


    Jun 21, 2011


  • Cielo-san

    Jun 21, 2011

    Spain looks AWESOME!!!
    Prussia has that rape face that's evil and kawaii!! >.<

  • MsSpock


    Jun 21, 2011

    the three of them look like they're going to do something bad to you ( - 3 - )~

    They all look so sexy O///O

  • MukuHiba

    Jun 21, 2011

    i like nyotalia bad trio XD

  • NiteSky13

    Jun 22, 2011

    is it wrong to prefer Nyotalia Prussia over Male Prussia ;P

  • fierynougat


    Jun 24, 2011

    ^@NiteSky13: Not at all. :3
    Any gender he may be, PRUSSIA is still awesome.

  • UnchartedMind


    Jul 22, 2011

    Fem!Prussia's short?! *Le gasp*

  • fwahahahah

    Sep 15, 2011

    This is absolutely BRILLIANT.

  • ninja ris

    Sep 16, 2011

    Ha! I have to get that Prussia face right when I go to con. It's awesome!

  • Chibi_JazRide

    Sep 19, 2011

    muahaha, now i can't wait to cosplay as this Spain...

  • Ausrine415


    Sep 26, 2011

    why do I actually think the girls looks more scarier than the guys....
    Anyway, Prussia is awesome

  • anon-chan


    Jul 15, 2012

    Prussiaaaaa <33

  • Dub5tep5amurai

    Jul 15, 2012

    It's the "Bad Trio"! :D

  • MyLittleViolet


    Jan 09, 2014

    aw, I just love Fem!France <3 she's my favorite Nyotalia character :D

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