Katekyo Hitman REBORN! #618539

Entry by Suou on Thu Jun 16 07:55:42 2011.

Tags: Anime, Nagiru, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, Yuni, Rokudou Mukuro, Byakuran, Chrome Dokuro, Running Away, Facebook Cover

Nagiru, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, Yuni, Rokudou Mukuro, Byakuran, Chrome Dokuro, Running Away, Facebook Cover


Comments (English)

  • amu-chan2

    Dec 25, 2010

    run uni run XD

  • pauchan


    Dec 30, 2010

    Uni-chan is so comic relief. XDDD

  • 13th

    Jan 25, 2011

    >.>;;; i'd let them catch me <3

  • MrsXAmu


    Jan 26, 2011

    Haha me too

  • Hidenka


    Jan 27, 2011

    Me three!

    Gotta love Muku and Byaku! Their running is making me laugh so hard!

  • Face Faith


    Feb 01, 2011

    Awesome XD

    Don't come (closer)...!!

  • kakashisilver

    Feb 05, 2011

    hahahaha soooooo funny!!!! XDDDD

  • oneospitri

    Mar 30, 2011

    One question though... Why is Chrome running from Mukuro? Doesn't she adore him? If anything, I would think, with that outfit she's wearing that instead of Mukuro, it's supposed to be Deamon Spade XD

  • yuukina

    Jun 25, 2011

    love Uni's face here XD

  • Horania


    Jun 28, 2011

    Umm.. Uni's face is... Hahaha.

  • KYouYa_JyRa


    Jul 04, 2011

    uni's face looks funny!bwahahahaha!

  • Gil-chan18


    Sep 22, 2011

    LOL love the expression XD

  • lily09


    Nov 06, 2011


  • Nastaki夏天

    Dec 29, 2011

    lol haha XD
    i think the reason they are running is because the boys wan to rape them *shot*
    oneospitri @ the dress tat Chrome is wearing is when she wear on 'Choice'

  • digidestined4eva


    Jan 25, 2012

    Isn't that TYL Mukuro? owo But yes... the expressions xD

  • Shewon

    Feb 07, 2012

    This is awesome >¨DDD SO FUNNY!

  • martihinata


    Mar 10, 2012

    I Would Be The One Chasing them (Mukuru and Byakuran).

  • Murasaki Argenteria

    Jul 24, 2012

    Lol! XD Poor Girls~~ XD Chrome's so creeped out by this 'sudden change', chased by a megalomaniac and a demented pineapple *stabbed/shot* XD;;;

    ILU2 MUKURO! BYAKURANNNNN!!!!!!! <3 <3 x3 lol?

    Although, even though I love them very much, I would scared of whatever they're planning/whatever reason they're chasing me/them for lol! XD

    Why is Uni so cute here~~<3? ///w/// *shotbya****yGamma!Muse*

    Hai, hai, Gammacchi, I'm not trying to steal your lover/lovely lady~~ ;P

  • hjh6533

    Aug 03, 2013

    goddamit i dont care how hot they are id be scared if im chased down like that XD

  • DarkLily96

    May 07, 2014

    I wider what is mukuro is up to..(-w-)

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