Hong Kong (Axis Powers: Hetalia) #587473

Entry by YuRiiexD on Sat May 28 05:07:11 2011.

Tags: Anime, Himaruya Hidekaz, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Hong Kong, Amore Mio!

Himaruya Hidekaz, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Hong Kong, Amore Mio!


Comments (English)

  • YechanNihon


    May 28, 2011

    hong kong chuu chuu~~! ^*^

  • MoonCradle7


    Jun 01, 2011

    why he is so ikemen? =///=

  • NyaEditer

    Aug 11, 2011

    <- From Here!

  • loungyi


    Feb 10, 2012

    He just appeared once in Extra Episode 3,right?
    Besides,he looks.....so wrong.....it's not like him to look like that....maybe his hair is too long =.="

  • Kuroi Kurara


    Jun 18, 2012

    ^ This is official, so I guess this is how Himaruya wants him to look like. And Hong Kong's character itself is a bit different than his facade, as seen in Hetaween extra stips (Hong Kong often make fun of China's strenght and age, he even bothers Iceland)

  • Farvel-chan

    Apr 26, 2013

    No one's ever seen Hong Kong's full face in the anime :/ I would love love love love love LOVE to see him in The Beautiful World, though.... The shmexiness would never end ; W ;

  • Sasunarufan12


    Jun 25, 2013

    i love hong kong

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