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uploaded by interprismatic May 15, 2011.

Tags: Anime, Lip Piercing, Gothic Outfit, Unidentified, Original

Lip Piercing, Gothic Outfit, Unidentified, Original

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  • izziehayashi

    izziehayashi May 21, 2011
    so I really like this picture but yea it doesn't look like miku to me
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    interprismatic May 23, 2011
    Dude.. This isn't Miku o-o....

    I even uploaded this picture.. I hate hatsune Miku. o-o
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    Yutsuru May 23, 2011
    isn't this Hiritai's Logan? I love him. <3 Who drew this?
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    XxSilentGhostRukiaxX Jun 05, 2011
    <3 I love this Picture <3
  • s u m m e r --LOVE

    s u m m e r --LOVE Jun 17, 2011
    this picture is amazing <3
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    Quianny Jul 04, 2011
    Well......i have never seen cute emo!
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    roxasxdarkness Nov 03, 2011
    thats a GUY??
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    fourdaysofdeath Mar 28, 2012
    ...this is hiritai's Logan for sure. Someone traced the photo, apparently...