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Entry by clear_skyz on Fri May 13 10:00:14 2011.

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Ao no Exorcist, Okumura Rin, Demotivational Poster


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  • smartki96

    May 13, 2011

    i was so mad wen ppl started to avoid him just because he was satan's son. he would never hurt his friends intentionally.

  • whytepearl


    May 13, 2011

    same here!!!

    i especially hated Shiemi for being stupid and all frighten when she found out he was Satan's son (in fact, i never liked her from the start, i hate weak, naive girls like her)

    i was so proud of Kamiki for not being scare of Rin ^^ especially in the manga when she sat next to him in the train when Shiemi and the others didn't ~

  • emileebayya

    May 14, 2011

    i agree with you both, (not about liking shiemi because i think shes adorable) but he didnt deserve that. its not like he killed someone, he's a great person ^_^

  • SakuraDust


    May 14, 2011

    On the contrary, I think his group of friends took the right decision by avoiding him. It's easy to say courageous things because it's a manga, but their reaction was realistic. Of course someone who's the son of Satan, even if he's not violent on purpose, would be treated badly.
    Besides, Rin's damn dangerous when he loses it...
    They'll all make up in the end, but their non-sparkly, Naruto like understanding ways make this manga so interesting.

  • Anguli


    May 30, 2011

    I totally agree with SakuraDust

  • ILovePie<3


    May 30, 2011

    Who cares he is cute :')

  • Mikiko97

    Jun 03, 2011

    I agree with Sakuradust...
    But think about it, wouldn't it give him more chances to be epicly badass ;)

  • TheMissingAngel

    Jul 07, 2011

    i agree with whytepearl
    although he's really dangerous when he loses control it was awful that they avoided him just because he's the son of Satan.if you have friends to help you you're able to do everything
    well Shiemi's case was different,she said it herself-she was just angry with herself cuz she didn't know anything about Rin and Yukio although they are close and that's why she couldn't say a word to Rin but even so that's not what you do in such a situation-you try to get closer and to learn more
    but yeah I am very pround of Izumo for what she did ♥♥♥ she really is a nice girl

  • silverfairy125

    Jul 30, 2011

    ^ agrees about Izumo

  • chi_the_unknown


    Feb 04, 2012

    well said

  • AspergianStoryteller

    Aug 23, 2013

    First impressions say a lot. If only Angel's first meeting with Rin hadn't been, you know, when he was beserker crazy. What if he'd met Rin in a kitchen? Or seen him sleeping cutely?

  • BlueExorcistRules

    Jul 28, 2014

    I agree w/ every single persons opinion on here!(except about hating Shiemi, she's adorable)

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