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Mangaka: Pixiv Id 1682608, uploaded by DJM015 Mar 13, 2011.

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 1682608, Black★Rock Shooter, VOCALOID, Black★Rock Shooter (Character), Hachune Miku, Shiteyanyo, Lily (VOCALOID), ARiA (VOCALOID), Hatsune Miku, Aimaina, Large Group, DECO*27

Pixiv Id 1682608, Black★Rock Shooter, VOCALOID, Black★Rock Shooter (Character), Hachune Miku, Shiteyanyo, Lily (VOCALOID), ARiA (VOCALOID), Hatsune Miku, Aimaina, Large Group, DECO*27

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  • KYxKY

    KYxKY Mar 17, 2011
    I noticed 67 out of 91/86. Or something like that...
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    MagpieTea Mar 22, 2011
    Miku's a cosplayer 8D /shot
  • AceRosemary

    AceRosemary Mar 22, 2011
    so many miku in here
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    sofi-chan Mar 25, 2011
  • hatsune miku 01

    hatsune miku 01 May 05, 2011
  • FormX

    FormX Jun 10, 2011
    So why is Lily tagged here?
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    4japaneseneko13 Jun 10, 2011
    must cosplay (* w *")
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    demonmeli Jun 13, 2011
    @ FormX because i think lily is behind miku on the 8th one from the left on the 2nd row
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    Kittyskie Jun 15, 2011
    The Mikus I recognize that aren't listed here:
    TOP ROW: first Miku is from MARIONETTE. the Miku with twin braids in a seifuku is from TOKAREV AND A GIRL. the Miku with numbers above the Miku in a box is from RONDE OF POSSIBLE WORLD. the Miku in the black with bubbles is from DEEP SEA GIRL.
    SECOND ROW: The Miku with chains is from CHAIN GIRL. The Miku beside youthful days graffiti (the one with a side ponytail and stars) is from VOiCE. the witch Miku next to WORLD IS MINE is from 加速世界 -アクセルワールド-. WORLD IS MINE Miku is obvious. XD so is ROMEO AND CINDERELLA miku right next to her. The Miku in front of bunny Miku (LOL Miku) is from Crime and Punishment (罪と罰). the Miku next to Crime and Punishment Miku looks like she is from Puzzle. The Miku with a plant is from HELLO PLANET. The second to last Miku on the end who is colorful is from COLORFUL WORLD. And then.. BLACK ROCK SHOOTER is pretty obvious. >_>
    THIRD ROW: the Miku with black floating curls is from 二息歩行. the tall miku in the middle of all the chibi mikus is from WARIBASHI ONNA (chopsticks girl). the chibi Miku right below chopticks girl with outstretched arms is from O KOTOWARI SHIMASU! (No thank you!). the Miku to the right of off limits Miku in black is from MAGNET. the blue Miku with glasses is from トリノコシティ. The miku in black holding a flower is from SAIHATE. the Miku on the end who is disappearing looks like she is from THE DISAPPEARANCE OF HATSUNE MIKU.
    FOURTH ROW: the Miku to the left of angel winged Miku is from LAST NIGHT, GOOD NIGHT. and the last two are Miku Append and normal Miku of course.

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    Tanaranth Jun 23, 2011
    The monochrome Miku in the fourth row, fourth from left is from TOP SECRET, the sixth Miku, with a cap is from 1925, the nurse Miku is from LOVE-COLORED WARD. The Miku in the first... With short twin tail is from CLOCK LOCK WORKS (or something like), the two Mikus holding their hand at the right are from MONOCHRO ∞ BLUE SKY. The second row, you forgot (from the left) MUSUNDE HIRAITE RASETSU TO MUKURO, Don't know, LYNNE, the bunny Miku and her friend next to her is from LOL (LOT OF LAUGHS, the tattooed Miku in green is from MATRYOSHKA. The third row, the Miku with dark hair and a flowery crown is from NISOKU HOKOU, the Miku with no face is maybe from MARIONETTE SYNDROME, the Miku crying with a mask is maybe from WHEN THE FRAUD LAUGHS. The others I know have already been recognized. xD

    EDIT : I FOUND IT! The name of the song with the Miku in the box is MIZUBAKO!
  • Nikuxini

    Nikuxini Jun 28, 2011
    .....i think Miku has some personality issues.....
  • Umizi

    Umizi Jun 30, 2011
    All the ones I recognize that haven't been mentioned:
    (From the top left, first row) The fourth Miku, wearing the top hat, is from JOKER. The sixth Miku from the right (the one with the reddish hue and music note is from CREMATION MELODY. The ninth Miku, wearing the long dress, is most likely from CENDRILLON. The thirteenth Miku (next to the one with the numbers, and the one with the box) is from DARK ALICE. The twentieth Miku (the ribbons, futuristic space outfit) is from SPiCA. The one next to that one (with the scarf) is from WHEN THE FIRST LOVE ENDS, and the one next to that one (with the bluish hue, is from TIME MACHINE, or E-iRO

    (Second row, from the left) The sixth Miku (wearing the red kimono) is probably from DREAMING LITTLE BIRD. The one next to that, with the red flower and the black dress, is definitely from TOKYO-2 ROCK CITY. The fifteenth Miku in the pink dress (not counting the blond one) is from MELT. There are two Mikus sitting down, holding bears. The one on the right, with the brown bear, is from KIMI IJOU, BOKU MIMAN.

    (Third row) The first Miku, with the X over her mouth, is from SECRET POLICE. The fouth Miku, basically a silhouette made out of Japanese characters is from AaAaAaAaAaAa. The twelfth Miku, (not counting the weird little variations that are shorter than everyone else) with the "Off Limits_" is probably from TOOSENBO (which means "Off Limits")

    (Fourth Row, From Right) The second Miku, with the black dress and wings, is from THE BLACK WINGS. The one kneeling down in the red skirt,is from ROLLING GIRL. To translate an earlier mention, the blue Miku with glasses (third row) is from TORINOKO CITY.

    My speculations are: The second Miku in the first row (hiding behind a target) is from SHINIGATARI.The fourth Miku in the second row (wearing the blue kimono) is from AKAHITOHA.(it seemed to originally be a Miku song but was made popular by Luka) The eleventh Miku, with purple hair, may be from EH? AH, SOU.
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    ILUVVOC2 Jul 16, 2011
    omigawd O.o so many song-over Xd but I still like it! XD
  • KuroNeko226

    KuroNeko226 Jul 24, 2011
    Gosh.. I need to open YouTube now
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    KuuKuu-47 Aug 19, 2011
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    eisel-meer Aug 21, 2011
    First Row, 12th: Netoge Haijin Sprechchor
    Second Row, 16th: Mushroom Mother
    Third Row, the Miku chibi between 10 and 11: Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! (the original version of nyan cat)
    Fourth Row, 9th: The Beast
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    sweetysour Sep 11, 2011
    What's the 19th one on the fourth row? I might cosplay as her!
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    kankuro876 Sep 18, 2011
    Well, looks like im booked for the day
  • KuroNeko226

    KuroNeko226 Nov 25, 2011
    Oh, no Yellow? D: It's my fave song.
  • VampireKitty

    VampireKitty Jan 02, 2012
    WEll'p...Cosplayers...We'd better get started -A- XD
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    Mandih-Chan Jan 17, 2012
    19th in Fourth Row is Miku Right and Left <3
  • Mir4i

    Mir4i Feb 21, 2012
    Right, I think it's time to do a new version:

    First Row: (1) Marionette, (2) Shinigatari, (3) ???, (4) Miracle Paint, (5) ???, (6) Tokarev to Shoujo, (7) Cremation Melody, (8) Clock Lock Works, (9) ???, (10) Cendrillon, (11) ???, (12) Netoge Haijin Sprechchor, (13) ???, (14) Dark Alice, (15) Ronde of Possible World, (16) Mizubako, (17) ???, (18) ???, (19) ???, (20) Deep Sea Girl, (21) SPiCA, (22) When the First Love ends, (23) ???, (24+25) Monochrome Blue Sky, (26) ???, (27) ???, (28) ???.

    Second Row: (1) Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro, (2) ???, (3) Lynne, (4) Akahitoha, (5) ???, (6) Dreaming Little Bird, (7) Tokyo Rock City, (8) Chain Girl, (9) Youthful Days Graffiti, (10) ???, (11) E? Aa, Sou, (11.5 is the one with the witch hat which I missed for some reason) ???, (12) World Is Mine, (13) Romeo and Cinderella, (14) Melt, (15) ???, (16 which is the tiny Miku) Mushroom Mother, (17+18) LOL -Lots of Laugh-, (19) Crime and Punishment, (20) Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman, (21) ???, (22) ???, (23) Matryoshka, (24) *hello, planet, (25) ???, (26) ???, (27+28 - I'm assuming they go together) ???, (29) Black Rock Shooter

    Third Row: (1) Himitsu Keisatsu, (2) ???, (3) Marionette Syndrome, (4) AaAaAaAaAaAa, (5) Nisoku Hokou, (6) ???, (7) ???, (8) ???, (all the chibi Mikus, of which we only know the one with the 83-face which is Okotowari shimasu!), (9) Waribashi Onna, (10) ???, (10.5 is the tiny one) Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!, (11) Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni, (12) Standing in Your Way, (13) Magnet, (14) Torinoko City, (15) ???, (16) Saihate, (17) Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu

    Fourth Row: (1) ???, (2) The Black Wings, (3) ???, (4 - the one standing) Top Secret, (5 - kneeling down) ???, (6 - standing) ???, (7 - kneeling) ???, (8) 1925, (9) The Beast, (10) ???, (11) Love-colored Ward, (12) ???, (13) Last Night, Good Night, (14) ???, (15+16) ???, (17) Rolling Girl, (18) ???, (19) Miku Right and Left, (20) Miku APPEND, (21) Hatsune Miku.
  • FormX

    FormX Mar 22, 2012
    @demonmeli Nope that's not Lily. The Matryoshka Miku is here w/out Gumi, so there's no reason for Lily to be here.
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    *N.E.S.A* Apr 20, 2013
    No way, there isn´t the music breakdown D: from miku
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    Syncronicity Jun 21, 2013
    Second row, #21 is The Application's Love
    Third row, #6 I THINK that's Cactus and Mirage
    Third row, # 7 is High Sense, Nonsense
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    jia8760 Aug 24, 2013
    First Row:
    1.Marionette 2.You Wanna Die? 3.??? 4.Miracle Paint 5.??? 6.Tokarev and a Girl 7.Cremation Melody 8.Clock Lock Works 9.??? 10.Cendrillon 11.??? 12.Online Game Addicts Sprechchor 13.??? 14.Dark Alice 15.Ronde of Possible World 16.Mizubako 17.??? 18.My Room Disco Night 19.??? 20.Deep Sea Girl 21. SPiCA 22.When First Love Ends 23.??? 24&25.Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky 26.??? 27.Flowers for You, Songs for Me 28.???
    Second Row:
    29.Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses 30.Blaze 31.Rinne 32.Akahitoha 33.??? 34.Dreaming Little Bird 35.Tokyo "2" Rock City 36.Chain Girl 37.??? 38.YOUTHFUL DAYS' GRAFFITI 39.VOICE 40.What? Ah, Yes 41.Axel World 42.World is Mine 43.Romeo & Cinderella 44.Melt 45.Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki Suki 46.Mushroom Mother 47.LOL -lots of laugh- 48.Crime & Punishment 49.Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman 50.Eletric Angel
    51.Sakura no Ame 52.Matryoshka 53.Hello, Planet. 54.Puzzle 55.Colorful World 56. BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER
    Third Row:
    57.Secret Police 58.??? 59.??? 60.AaAaAaAAaAaAAa 61.Two Breaths Walking 62.??? 63.The Ghost of Romantic Tranceiver 64.??? 65.VocaRan Sagi 66.Chopsticks Girl 67.I Refuse 68.Hannya Shinkyo 69.Shiteyan'yo 70.??? 71.Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! 72.Petenshi ga Warau Koro ni 73.Standing in Your Way 74.Hope 75.Left-Behind City 76.??? 77.Saihate 78.The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku
    Last Row:
    79.??? 80.The Black Wings 81.Landolt C 82.Top Secret 83.Alice 84.Yubikiri 85.??? 86. 1925 87.The Beast 88.??? 89.Love-Colored Ward 90.??? 91.Last Night Good Night 92.??? 93.Indigo and Truth 94.Rolling Girl 95.??? 96.??? 97.Hatsune Miku Append 98.Hatsune Miku
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    silverivy13 Nov 16, 2014
    22 in the first row could be Calc. It's not When the First Love Ends, her scarf is white and striped in that song.
    27 in second row is Tell Your World
    3 in third row is Lost One's Weeping
    6 in third row is Cactus & Mirage
    8 in third row is Sky Fish
    18 in fourth row is Eight Hundred
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    partialmetal May 28, 2015
    Some people look confused over this one, The second Miku is not Shinigatari, its "Love, an Eggplant and a Peaceful Fruit"