Axis Powers: Hetalia #469151

Entry by sunflowernote on Tue Mar 8 13:58:24 2011.

Tags: Anime, Fir3h34rt, Axis Powers: Hetalia, North Italy, Serbia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Scotland, Austria, Norway, Belarus

Fir3h34rt, Axis Powers: Hetalia, North Italy, Serbia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Scotland, Austria, Norway, Belarus


Comments (English)

  • PrinceRoxas


    Mar 08, 2011

    This is by Fir3h34rt and this isn't even the updated one...

  • MariaA2621


    Mar 09, 2011

    Singapore is so pretty!!..
    hey,it's Indonesia and Malaysia..Malaysia have a white skin,and Indonesia have a dark skin..(i though they were same like twins *_*)

  • danyan

    Mar 15, 2011

    These guys aren't all official characters, right?

  • sailormoonie89

    Mar 16, 2011

    yeah not all them are official. The majority are designed by Fir3h34rt a user on Deviantart.

  • fierynougat


    Mar 20, 2011


  • nachtimmel

    Mar 24, 2011

    why's malaysia ain't wearing his traditional costume?

  • waniwani

    Mar 29, 2011

    Aaahhh Indonesiaaa <33 -is expecting female one but oh well-

  • nachtimmel

    Apr 08, 2011

    yeah, i like female indonesia

  • ZirakConfront

    Apr 18, 2011

    THAT'S PHILIPPINES?! THE HELL..WE DON'T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THAT!! (i mean the skin color and hair is fine but the clothes and hairstyle is just wrong)

  • xVulpecula

    Apr 26, 2011

    Actually, I think it comes from some of our tribes x3

  • Mikatochan


    Apr 26, 2011

    oooh whose the guy to the left of Norge??

  • sunflowernote


    Apr 26, 2011

    He's Faroe Islands xD

  • OneHelluvaGirl

    May 08, 2011

    holy crap, soooo many flags /dies/
    i don't even know most of them! at least now i can tell coreen-chan that someone designed a phillipines for her :)

  • Larimw94

    Jun 16, 2011

    Braziiiiil!!!! *o*

  • divachan1990

    Jun 19, 2011

    omg Greenland is also an albino, this gives me an idea for a crack couple!!!

  • hotsushi-kun

    Jul 09, 2011

    I See Serbia

    I'm in This Country

  • komoko_hina018


    Aug 10, 2011

    ~piri chan!!!!

  • PockyStalker

    Aug 17, 2011

    Philippines! But...that hair. Blech. xD

  • Kayako


    Sep 18, 2011

    Azghdgodpsmjdjsl, they're all so adorable. Chibi!Serbia. <333
    @hotsushi-kun: Ej, i ja sam! :D xD

  • supermoop


    Dec 27, 2011

    Wow, I really love the interesting personifications of unofficial countries not in the anime! 8D That's so cool!~ Haha, just one thing... ... ... ... WHAT THE *BEEP* DID YOU DO TO MY SCOTLAAAAAND?!

  • supermoop


    Dec 27, 2011

    I also wish it had the country name next to it.. -.- Who's gonna recognize all those flags? *huff* Thumbs up for Indonesia, though. Although I do agree @MariaA2621 , I think Malaysia should look more similar.. Hmm..

  • Lord Polska


    Jan 03, 2012

    Yay!!! WALES!!! I love that he is in here. I hope that everyone here can come to Wale's and my wedding.. We are getting married but he doesn't know yet. So I will kidnap him later hehe.

  • Black13cat


    Mar 13, 2012

    They are so Kawaii *w*
    @Kayako, hotsushi-kun : I live in Serbia to XD

  • kuroprussia

    Jun 23, 2012

    Haha. India is portrayed as a girl, even though he's a guy. xD
    Tho this picture is pretty old... :/

  • aoi_tamaki

    Dec 17, 2012

    Indonesia and Malaysia~

  • Unnatural_any


    Dec 21, 2012

    I wish someone would add the names, because, ****, I don't know all those flags x''DDD

  • ExodusDei

    Jan 11, 2013

    My country is next to Poland <3

  • Arikado

    Jun 09, 2013

    Oh, Slovakia.

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