Axis Powers: Hetalia by kuu (artist) #372308

Mangaka: kuu (artist), uploaded by mr.zephyr Dec 15, 2010.

Tags: Anime, kuu (artist), Axis Powers: Hetalia, Belarus, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, China, Prussia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, North Italy

kuu (artist), Axis Powers: Hetalia, Belarus, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, China, Prussia, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, North Italy

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Comments (English)

  • konachao

    konachao Jan 25, 2011
    omg spain! that ita-cest!
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    halogear Jan 28, 2011
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    whoisnotmyname Feb 13, 2011
    I always knew Gilbo was a leash child... *shakes head*
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    mizukinjo Feb 22, 2011
    And Korea claims breasts once again!
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    hitsumikurama Apr 16, 2011
    aawwwww poor canada!! >_< i wonder if anyone noticed him.. XD
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    mikan13579 Apr 22, 2011
    canada off to the side... ;~;
  • Mikatochan

    Mikatochan Apr 22, 2011
    iff u look alllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way to the back; france is running nakid and swiss will now shoot him.
  • lovesanime

    lovesanime Apr 22, 2011
    hahhaa.. hong kong karate chops korea!
  • NekoMaid

    NekoMaid Apr 22, 2011
    Spain is so tan!
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    skryteh Apr 28, 2011
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    whoisnotmyname Apr 30, 2011
    Spaniards get rediculously dark in the sun. Das wai he so black.
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    Crys101 May 06, 2011
  • azarut16

    azarut16 May 09, 2011
    hahaha, france is naked XD
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    earth_dragon_thoth May 11, 2011
    *snort* xD
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    Humanlet May 20, 2011
    I found canada xD
  • xxDenHetxx

    xxDenHetxx Jun 01, 2011
    OMG! Spain!!! xDDD
  • chubbybird

    chubbybird Jun 11, 2011
    hahahaha XD gilbert is like a little kid
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    NorIce-77 Jun 15, 2011
    I can spot Canada :B
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    Neko--Witch Jun 23, 2011
    omg theres two america's XD

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    AnimeGirlx1 Jun 25, 2011
    AHAHAHAHA! Switzerland is about to shoot France!~
  • chanmeh2

    chanmeh2 Jul 01, 2011
    @Neko--Witch LOL i though the exact same thing at first but i have a good guess the one next to the girl is Austria. Since the girl looks like Hungary
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    weaslegirl96 Jul 02, 2011
    ... where's canada...?
    no really...
    i can't find him...
  • Its_Pokabu_NOT_Tepig

    Its_Pokabu_NOT_Tepig Jul 02, 2011
    Oh wow Canada IS there! XD If you guys want a hint look below...

    (HINT: two people away from Germany ((you might look right past him - don't worry you're not blind, he's just hard to see. ^^)))

    Also I love how Prussia's on a leash. XD I'm surprised Italy's not on one too. ;)


    No seriously I don't know why Germany is letting that idiot run free. o.O God I can just imagine him trying to make friends with a freaking SHARK. "Don' worry is okay! =D He nice shark!" *facepalm*
  • noircheshire

    noircheshire Jul 02, 2011
    Poor Matthew. Anyways, is that Taiwan, the one getting groped by Korea? (o.o)?
  • Botan18

    Botan18 Jul 14, 2011
    where's Japan? Seriously, I can't find him!!
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    MaryAnn-chan Jul 14, 2011
    Awesome pic. ♥
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    Sanctus Malum Jul 15, 2011
    @Botan18 I think Japan is between Greece and Turkey in the back just above Hungray and Austria.
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    rdb1707 Jul 16, 2011
    Spain the ultra seme of those Itacest LOL
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    unseenlight46 Jul 17, 2011
    Yes Switzerland protect your sister from France XD
  • Tastytart

    Tastytart Jul 18, 2011
    I wonder what the conversation between America and Iggy is. ....*stares at picture*............. HOLY CRAP THERES THAT COUNTRY! (what was his name again?)
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    aclmin Aug 01, 2011

  • MushaXD

    MushaXD Aug 02, 2011
    I found Canada too! OMG he's invisible!
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    MachiKonjo Aug 04, 2011
    haha.. poor Canada. XD
    no.. I don't think that's him. More like, that's his bear. XD
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    threnna Aug 05, 2011
    No fair! Sweden and Finland are there, but not Denmark and Norway >.<
  • komoko_hina018

    komoko_hina018 Aug 08, 2011
    ~wears bikini~ ready!!!!
  • BrokenHearted756

    BrokenHearted756 Aug 10, 2011
    Prussia is just a man child hahaha
  • Adinutza-Chan

    Adinutza-Chan Aug 12, 2011
    Spain is so seme with the Italy brothers.I barely spotted Canada.Poor thing.
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    TheEpicTomato Aug 19, 2011
    gaahhhh! poland! xD spain! I LOVE YOU IF I THINK WHAT YOU'RE GONNA DO IS TRUE!
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    Zalsburry Aug 26, 2011
    If Gilbird keeps sitting there, Prussia's gonna drown when he goes under o__o
  • xXLireXx

    xXLireXx Aug 28, 2011
    oooooh my my my my god!!!!!!!!i
    i feel like i want to swim
  • setarehabi

    setarehabi Aug 28, 2011
    i finally found mattew!!it was hard to find him!!
    gilbird is ready to swim with gilbert!!
  • marble-fire

    marble-fire Sep 02, 2011
    Poor Gilbert, he has no freedom D:
  • kakashihatakelgs

    kakashihatakelgs Oct 05, 2011
    Go Switzerland! Shoot him!!!!!
  • IggyKirkland

    IggyKirkland Oct 11, 2011
    LOL. Germany's treating Prussia like a dog!
  • OtakuGirl7

    OtakuGirl7 Oct 24, 2011
    America is taking his food in the water!!! XD
  • Eplepaii

    Eplepaii Oct 28, 2011
    omg Poland TwT
  • FanfictionFreak

    FanfictionFreak Dec 03, 2011
    Is Prussia so reckless that he needs a rope to hold on to him? Or is it just a safety precaution by Germany?
  • DeadlyDoll

    DeadlyDoll Dec 06, 2011
    Prussia is just to EPIC for word
  • Redyet

    Redyet Dec 28, 2011
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    Kage-no-Akuma Jan 11, 2012
    This is like find waldo...only with Canada.
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    haku-otaku Jan 19, 2012
    I FINALLY FOUND CANADA. He kinda looks like a sand castle person-thingyy.......
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    GerItaAmericanChick Jan 22, 2012
    Screw the fact that Prussia has a leash. LOOK HOW LONG THE DAMN THING IS! O_o
  • living_light

    living_light Jan 26, 2012
    @humanlet, NO. FREAKING. WAY.
  • Sora*Donuts

    Sora*Donuts Feb 10, 2012
    XD France is naked *again* !!! 8D
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    Phyripo Feb 26, 2012
    No one commented on Poland building a sand pony?!
    I'm disappointed. C:
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    hpwolf888 Mar 19, 2012
    Well played, Germany...well played.
  • Hidenka

    Hidenka Mar 19, 2012
    at least Germany takes care of Prussia. It's out of love and worry.
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    LoversInJapan Apr 07, 2012
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    conquistador97 Apr 24, 2012
    Poor russia he's bein stocked by belarus again
  • default avatar

    conquistador97 Apr 24, 2012
    Poor russia he's bein stocked by belarus again oh my god Canada IS there!!!!
  • lechi

    lechi Jun 03, 2012
    canada... at last I found you!! >o<
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    Fuyumi-Hitsugaya Jun 03, 2012
    Gilbert on a leash! XD
  • default avatar

    Mirai_Kiseki Jun 03, 2012
    Yes Germany, take care of your older brother. :))
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    johnnythreetears100 Jul 29, 2012
    come on people prussia just didn't want to get lost thats all... XD
    also i heard of tanning but i don't think that spain is BLACK!!! WTF people really.
    lastly france for once in your life put some damn close on....
    lol i LOVE BTT!
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    XxFair SkyxX Aug 28, 2012
    I love how it's so obvious :P
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    kirbymepoyo Nov 13, 2012
    Instead of find Wald, everyone should find Canada XD
  • \'shROOM_Grower

    \'shROOM_Grower Nov 13, 2012
    I want Prussia's swim trunks. SOOOO bad....

    LOL, this image is great! The awesomeness of the twinkle in Gil's eyes, and the rope.... This is where the big brother role seems to become.... Reversed? But ya, awesome!

    Thank you kuu, mr. zephyr!
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    Zephyros22 Nov 27, 2012
    The first thing I actually saw in this picture was an obscure white blob in the corner. Makes sense because Canada is mah homeland. o3o

    Besides that, doesn't anyone else realize Prussia is going to get a horrendous sunburn, being albino? D:
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    Laurel_Hunter15 Dec 19, 2012
    I SAW MATTHEW(Canada)!!!!
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    Dyna Indo Shimura Apr 22, 2013
    I want to go to the beach right now! XD

    Poor Russia n Canada! :D

    And, Prussia... Y U SO AWESOME! XD XD XD LOL!
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    sistersgrimmfan Jan 08, 2014
    Maybe Prussia doesn't have the leash because he is a leash child. Maybe Germany uses it to pull him in for more sunscreen so he does not burn. Also I found Canada.
  • default avatar

    fireparrot Jul 09, 2016
    I found Canada! And Ru...
    Nat, let him breath ><