Soviet Union (Axis Powers: Hetalia) Mobile Wallpaper

Entry by geospin on Sat Oct 2 01:28:20 2010.

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 1823948, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Moscow Kremlin, Mobile Wallpaper, Soviet Union, Allied Forces

Pixiv Id 1823948, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Moscow Kremlin, Mobile Wallpaper, Soviet Union, Allied Forces


Comments (English)

  • LeeShei


    Oct 11, 2010

    Oh it's just.. so nice! I love it! It looks like an old photo. A friendly, happy photo that reminds me my own childhood (I was born in Russia)... The most Soviet Union pictures show dark and cruel scenes with a crazy Russia (>.<) and I'm so happy to find a pic that shows happy and smiling people.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • mikan13579

    Feb 02, 2011

    Estonia... XD

  • Ethereality


    Feb 21, 2011

    Indeed... Estonia. xD
    Everyone looks adorable here. I like this a lot. ^_^

  • Sumire


    Apr 21, 2011

    it looks so peaceful :)

  • ShiiNoChi

    Apr 30, 2011

    This photo defies logic. Belarus isn't being creepy. Russia's totally fine with having her there. Ukraine doesn't have an over sized chest. Latvia isn't crying. Estonia looks sorta like a pedo priest. But none the less its really pretty. And why does it look like Ukraine could pull off being Russia and Belarus's mom? And who the hells hand is Lithuania holding? Is that Poland???

  • APHSEfangirl

    May 16, 2011

    @ShiiNoChi This must've been in teen years or something, before Russia snapped or realized how stalkerish Belarus is. That might also explain why Ukraine isn't full size yet and why Latvia isn't so emotionally scarred. But I do agree with the "Estonia looks like a pedo priest" thing. XD And that this is pretty. And to answer your questions, I would guess for the first one, it's because she has that calm, motherly "I love you guys" look on her face. And for question 2 & 3, I bet it is Poland, but maybe that's just wishful thinking (I support Pol/Liet).

  • cestalia

    Oct 04, 2011

    They look like a big happy family ;-; *touched
    Belarus even smile TTATT

  • Eplepaii


    Dec 18, 2011

    why is Sweden in the tags? xD

  • Le_ja

    Mar 31, 2012

    Belarus looks beautiful smilling.
    And Estonia xD

  • pocky_is_my_eins89

    Apr 05, 2012

    o-o Belarus smiling....wonder what's going through her thoughts?

  • downrage

    Apr 05, 2012

    Missing Poland in this picture. xD

  • Madamfabandstab

    May 08, 2012

    I like this. If anyone is as much a history fan as I am you know belarus wasn't always crazy. People arnt crazy dictators lead them to act that way, thats my beliefe with alot of people, belarus especially.This is a great example of the "before " picture. so @APHSEfangirl that is to go to say belarus herself isnt stalkerish without a push why do you think she wants so badly to become one with russia? Because her dictator is pushing it so hardcore. Not to mention with her blood reletives being as messed up as it is along with her past she probubly has all kinda of mental things going on.

  • whyntir

    Jul 04, 2012

    @APHSEfangirl; OR it could be that the artist didn't want to use Ukraine's "gag ****s" because it would detract from the image. Belarus lives with Russia daily during the Cold War, and even she packed her bags and left, so perhaps her possessive personality had the edge taken off of it. Then she got stuck with America for a while and then missed her big brother again.

  • Eli-san


    Jul 04, 2012

    Is it me or... no.. Estonia.. don't creep me out! Joke~
    And guys I only read now ''blablablablabla'' from you, to be honest... XD
    This is just a happy family photo! Even they can once smile together, can't they?
    The artist just want to have a happy family photo where everyone loves each others~

    Discussion ended.

  • NekoMaid


    Aug 24, 2012

    This so cute, I love it! <3

  • iulsie

    Sep 01, 2012

    This is so absolutely GORGEOUS. they all seem so happy and normal for a change. like a familly:D and just because they are not the their usual...disposition like in the anime, that doesn't mean they are like that all the time^^

  • Hikari-sama


    Mar 13, 2013

    Lol Estonia :3

  • Beldarius

    Jun 29, 2019

    Why is there Finland in the tags? He's not in this picture, probably because the country wasn't even part of the Soviet Union.

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