Happy Tree Friends #294944

Entry by emperpep on Sun Sep 26 21:50:58 2010.

Tags: Anime, Uniikura, Happy Tree Friends, Splendid (HTF), Flippy, Pixiv, Fanart

Uniikura, Happy Tree Friends, Splendid (HTF), Flippy, Pixiv, Fanart


Comments (English)

  • GazGeene

    Nov 21, 2010

    why the hell is flaky noted in this picture? she's not in this picture.

  • zelly_lohla


    Sep 01, 2011

    OMG i love this kind of pictures... :'( with or without Flaky

  • HappyTreeFriendsFreak

    Oct 30, 2011

    holy crap!!

  • DraceEmpressa

    Oct 31, 2011

    I don't understand why people tagged some yaoi in a non-yaoi arts..

  • HappyTreeFriendsFreak

    Nov 20, 2011

    i agree why dah hell is this tagged under yaoi its not even

  • Scarlet Dragoness

    Mar 24, 2012

    Even if it isn't yaoi, I can see why it could be taken as such. Splendid is sort of holding Flippy's hand and covering his eyes, and he could easily be seen as Flippy's protective significant other protecting his loved one from himself and trying to calm him.

    Either way, the picture is beautiful~

  • Hidenka


    Mar 24, 2012

    it's kinda cuute -v-

  • cornelia892

    Sep 23, 2012

    this is so cute <3

  • LongLiveHarryPotter7

    Oct 31, 2012

    Maybe it's her blood, and Flippy is crying because of that. It's seen before that Splendid arrives too late to save her, and sees Flippy cry or being sad or maybe even at the brink of hurting himself. And Splendid tries to comfort him :(

  • LoLiTa ´⌒`


    Oct 31, 2012

    Aww nice °w°

  • reika putri


    Sep 06, 2013

    Why don't you ask directly to the artist ?

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