Bakugou Katsuki (Boku no Hero Academia) by Sakimichan #2938849

Mangaka: Sakimichan, uploaded by Doopliss May 12, 2020.

Tags: Anime, Sakimichan, Boku no Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto, Spotlight, Grenade, Cross Necklace, Cross (Symbol), Pendant, Idol, Fanart

Sakimichan, Boku no Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto, Spotlight, Grenade, Cross Necklace, Cross (Symbol), Pendant, Idol, Fanart

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    Almeirowanna Jan 04, 2020
    Work it bakugo~
  • ajkk

    ajkk May 14, 2020
    The true revision is here

    Published: November 13, 2018
  • Doopliss

    Doopliss May 14, 2020
    Actually, nope. I also just for make very sure, I saw the Paid Reward (#2445395) and the correction is the same as my upload.
    Remember that Sakimichan replace/upload some revisions later on her DA instead of her Pixiv, like the cases #2415113, #2720646, #2822947, #2726398, etc.
  • ajkk

    ajkk May 14, 2020
    #2415113, #2720646, #2822947, #2726398, etc.

    I really don't know why you could confuse all cases about the revison from Sakimichan OMG...

    Your evidences NEVER PROVE ANYTHING.
    Please do not fight meaningless battles.

    Don't forget your cases here they have the same situation:

    You gave the cases above,except the case 002 #2415113and Azura#2822947v.s old version on pixiv,

    ,so I report the pixiv ver JUST BECAUSE THE VISIBLE MIS, otherwise that will maybe just my subjective thinking for applying replacement forever...

    I give the all contrast for the cases you give>>

    Published: October 24, 2017

    Published: November 23, 2017
    • But #2822947 has visible evidence thus could be regarded as safe revision.

    Published: May 9, 2019

    By the way,#2578004 was deleted just because it with compressing artifacts,not about "which one is revision".(It means:Even I could apply restore #2578004 to be grouped under #2726398,maybe it'll be allowed because they have different details just only couldn't be judged which is the newest version)=_______=

    The last one but most be clarified Solemnly:

    As for the discussion of revision judgements "basing on paid rewards",well,I must be honest, I had found Sakimichan had set and choose her "finally paid rewards" "go back" to "the first free versions", that means,the free version maybe revision,but the paid rewards be a newer revision,again,so paid rewards,just paid rewards,we had banned all paid rewards now,that's unfair we deal with replacements in new rules,but "still based the banned contents to judge the cases act in new rule,that's paradox.

    "Go back to the fist free version to set the paid rewards",That's true,maybe lots of the examples (paid rewards) had been almost deleted I couldn't find them,but it is visibly the best example like this still could be found:
    #1799649 vs #1934013

    Well,if "paid rewards always be the right/best version",so may you tell me why Sakimichan choose the "Wrong drawing Hitai-ate" version be the final paid rewards version?

    I don't know,but it happened.
    And if you never see #1934013,"the final free version #1799649 will be the best final version" in ZC.

    So do you know why I feel that way you set not truly be the best and justice? =o
  • Doopliss

    Doopliss May 14, 2020
    Idk why you put dates, that doesn't prove nothing too, Sakimichan shared this revision freely on her DA. I'm not confusing nothing, the images can be replaced without deleting the original post, so, when that happen, the dates seems like the image was uploaded the same day of the first upload, you already should know that fact...

    Like you said, The Zero Two one from Pixiv has six fingers and the DA has the correction, the Azura Pixiv one has six fingers and the DA has the correction, the Ahri Pixiv one has little hand and the DA has the correction, and the Momo one was not exactly replaced just for CA, the DA one has a correction on her chin, having said that, it's clearly that the Pixiv ones are not always the best/corrected/final version.

    I'm not who made the rules here, the free versions of the Paid Rewards are the ones that kept because people paid for them, mods already said it. You are the one who "fight" meaningless battles...
  • ajkk

    ajkk Jul 02, 2020
    Edited :

    Sakimichan had “Revised again" in the paid reward version, no one could be the same with it.

    Guys, if you would like to continue to contribute the arts they have patreon versions, BE CAREFULL,I must suggest sincerely.
  • flame2frost

    flame2frost Jul 02, 2020
    why are you making reports on comments ? there's a report button right there if you want to report a revision, you've done this countless times why do you keep repeating it again and again and again, stop harassing the uploaders, please. The guy stopped replying weeks ago but you still won't stop, why? Do mods not exist? can he delete his pic himself? No, he can't and mods exist so report to them. This is your last warning.
  • ajkk

    ajkk Jul 02, 2020

    Mod flame2frost:
    I didn't report it in comment,where did you see that...?
    I didn't harass him,either. The opposite of, I only give the true and trace about the case discussing,then give a suggestion to every uploaders,even,don't worry,if a stuff be comment then be shown on ZC homepage so often,it'll get more +favs,I didn't hurt anyone,if this pic is proper.

    The opposite of,if you couldn't keep neutral and calm to see every cases/words in deletion apply but only vent personal emotions here and every time,maybe I don't would like to need your help in this time.
  • alenas

    alenas Jul 02, 2020
    .....why are you people even arguing over things like image revisions and dates and whatnot? Does it really matter? I couldn't care less about 'paid' versions or revisions or whatever. It's a nice pic of Bakugou, I'm just gonna enjoy it for what it is. A picture. ._.
  • ajkk

    ajkk Jul 02, 2020
    Umm,because that will be the different credited to uploaders,alenas-san.
  • flame2frost

    flame2frost Jul 06, 2020
    We're just uploaders, we don't own them, there's no credit. Just deletion and uploading so kindly STOP targeting the uploader in comments. And use the report button like a normal person. You don't see others spamming on pics with links to their images and talking about revisions do you? So don't do it. We've had enough of you. Seriously.
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    Lkjshddhd 7 weeks ago
    Bro is a ****ing fake****anime character get a ****ing life