Kakegurui #2520310

Entry by Doopliss 30 weeks ago.

Tags: Anime, 7hai0707, Kakegurui, Saotome Mary, Jabami Yumeko, Twitter

7hai0707, Kakegurui, Saotome Mary, Jabami Yumeko, Twitter


Comments (English)

  • Noctreve


    40 weeks ago

    They're one of my OTPs in Kakegurui! I love this pic. Too bad that's in low quality. :T

  • antoniothe3rd

    40 weeks ago

    Is that a ring attached to Yumeeko's finger?!

    Tbh this ship is way too overrated. It's pretty clear it's just fanservice between the two main characters of a shounen. That's a very common kind of fanbaiting. NaruSasu and IchiRuki never got together (in their case unfortunately). Nothing new here. I'm still waiting for them to talk about actual romantic feelings, but until now nothing as expected. If there are gonna be canon ships those will be Suzui x Yumeko, Mary x Ririka, Manyuda x Sumeragi and Kirari x Sayaka for sure.
    Btw cute pic.

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