Axis Powers: Hetalia by Natu Yasai #225034

Mangaka: Natu Yasai, uploaded by seli-chan .

Tags: Anime, Natu Yasai, Axis Powers: Hetalia, North Italy, Germany, Spain, South Italy, Confused, Pulling Hair, Trembling, Brown Outfit, Pulling, Frustrated

Natu Yasai, Axis Powers: Hetalia, North Italy, Germany, Spain, South Italy, Confused, Pulling Hair, Trembling, Brown Outfit, Pulling, Frustrated

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Comments (English)

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    reflektoris Aug 20, 2010
    awesome~ :D
  • bluearcher

    bluearcher Nov 07, 2010
    cute . . !
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    Awesomeness Nov 29, 2010
    So hot (O///O)
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    May-kin Jan 01, 2011
    Omg this is... so.... sexy... *squeals*
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    jenskieez Jan 24, 2011
    Squeeeee!! My two favortie pairings !! <3
  • konachao

    konachao Jan 25, 2011
    I second onetworeadygo and jenskieez 's comments!
    • nosebleed*
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    Fuyummi18 Feb 01, 2011
    so! *o*
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    Raxil Feb 07, 2011
    Poor Feliciano! He needs Germany to take him to bed after he gets them untangled. ♥
  • Anguli

    Anguli Mar 08, 2011
    HAHAH Feliciano & Ludwig are just so cute together xD
  • ewanko

    ewanko Mar 28, 2011

    LOL XD
  • Puffies

    Puffies May 01, 2011
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    MissGiggles May 03, 2011
    Oh touching their curls is like touching their dicks? XD
  • Ivori~

    Ivori~ May 09, 2011
    ^^ This is so cute XD
  • Buruberii

    Buruberii May 20, 2011
    Three of my favorite pairings are represented in this image(GerIta,Spamano and Itacest,if they curls got tangled)
  • xxDenHetxx

    xxDenHetxx Jun 04, 2011
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    italiancupcake Jun 24, 2011
    @buruberii agreed with you (^p^)
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    ChibiChii24 Jun 25, 2011
    Safest porn ever
  • Awesomer-Than-Prussia

    Awesomer-Than-Prussia Jun 29, 2011
    This is the only porn I can look at around my mom.

    She doesn't know
  • Sneaky Muffins

    Sneaky Muffins Jul 02, 2011
    Germany's angry at the fact that it's taking too long and he wants to go and rid Italy of that 'tension' he's feeling :P
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    FindingX Jul 08, 2011
    I love how oblivious Germany and Spain are, while the poor Italies are about to have a serious problem.
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    Gaaragirl Jul 18, 2011
    awwww <3 spains like wtf??
  • kc22

    kc22 Jul 18, 2011
    pffft LOL i knew this would happen again. XD
  • Tastytart

    Tastytart Jul 22, 2011
    Someone is soon going to have a mess to clean up~
  • Sharksdop

    Sharksdop Aug 04, 2011
    I'd like to know how they got tangled in the first place.(;
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    aclmin Aug 16, 2011
  • default avatar

    kingclown Aug 26, 2011
    faving this just for Italy/Germany the only guyxguy pair that I have ever liked.
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    SecretSunflower Sep 02, 2011
    I see 5 pairings...
    Gerita, Spamano, Itacest, Gerain, and ONE BIG ORGY XD
  • KleinerSkollexxx

    KleinerSkollexxx Sep 04, 2011
    It's a 4way :O!!
  • marble-fire

    marble-fire Sep 12, 2011
    Germany's concentration kills me :3
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    MissMalMike Oct 04, 2011
    a hot disney character //Killed by Romano.
    I love GerIta and Spamano
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    cestalia Oct 10, 2011
    LOL! The ero zone XD
  • midnightstar13

    midnightstar13 Nov 09, 2011
    If the Italy brothers were real...the first thing I would do is grab their curls. XD Ohohohoho~ >:D
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    Iccu Nov 19, 2011
    My Favorite pairings!! (Spamano and GerIta) I knew good luck was coming my way!~ :]
  • irenezzzz

    irenezzzz Nov 20, 2011
  • xXLireXx

    xXLireXx Nov 28, 2011
    XDDDD the curls~
  • NekoMaid

    NekoMaid Dec 17, 2011
    So kawaii~ <3
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    minimina13 Dec 17, 2011
    Inconspicuous yaoi xD
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    MidNightArrow360 Dec 27, 2011
    @Sneaky Muffins I love you!!! :,D

    @Everyone that made a porn joke.........its funny cuz its true. XD
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    skullchicka Dec 27, 2011
    time to get the scissors
    jk, but wat makes this better is that Italy and Romano are crying.
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    HeavensCloud Dec 30, 2011
    Omg Germany looks so determined to get it untangled, and Spain is standing there looking cute~
  • default avatar

    HeavensCloud Dec 30, 2011
    Omg Germany looks so determined to get it untangled, and Spain is standing there looking cute~
  • Sora*Donuts

    Sora*Donuts Feb 24, 2012
    LOL Germany and Spain are... 8D

    XDDD this is awesome!!
  • Kamijou

    Kamijou Apr 20, 2012
    The erogenous zones never seem to fail me. XD I'm so glad that no one except me knows what's happening on the outside.
  • Prussian~albino

    Prussian~albino Apr 24, 2012
    So awesome! I can't wait to see what happens after they're untied. Heheheh *Nosebleed*
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    polionster May 07, 2012
    ROTFL Romano's face XD
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    fiks Jun 10, 2012 muahhahaha
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    Gazerock. Jul 26, 2012
    I love how Romano looks like he's not to far of the... hm... x)
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    ThePurpleAlice Aug 17, 2012
    Spain: Ah, Why don't we just cut it out?

    Italy and Romano: Nooo!
  • hetafan12

    hetafan12 Aug 29, 2012

    • no words to explain the fangasm I'm having*
  • hetafan12

    hetafan12 Aug 29, 2012 you..... that was amazing..... *p*
  • hetafan12

    hetafan12 Aug 29, 2012 GerIta version!
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    iRapeYourBrains Sep 25, 2012
    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Germany's face
    It's hilarious
  • PurpleLeekPowahh

    PurpleLeekPowahh Feb 23, 2013
    Ah,I remember seeing this in computers class at school.
    I bet if the teacher was there,she'd be all *pokerface*
    Yes,safest pr0nz ever.
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    deamonsead Mar 23, 2013
    Christ, they did it again. Makes me laugh, Romano don't want nothing to do with Spain but Italy's all up on Germany waiting for him to untangle them so he can pounce. What a cutie.
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    mAtRyOsHkAsAsUkE Apr 19, 2013
    If I had any words what would they be? >////<
    Italy:Yoshi, what are you thinking over there?
    Me:....Words to describe something
    Germany:*Smacks me in the head* Your an idiot yoshi.
    Me:HEY GERMANY! I'm thinking of words to describe how awesome that picture of you and Italy are...Heh
    Me:Don't hate...
    Italy:Whata 'bout me?
    Me:Tell Germany not to hate on the ItalyxGermany "Yaoi" Pairing
    Italy and Germany:*Together* WHAT IS WRONG OF YOU YOSHI?!
    Me:Nothing...*Evil laughs*

    My awesome word is:Very Sexy
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    kuroneko22 Jul 29, 2013
    Omg I love this. *^* Spamano and Gerita~
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    mushroomcake Oct 13, 2013

    • dying*
    • dies*
    • dead*
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    BrightT3ars Nov 28, 2013
    I see:
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    Hetaloid01 Jan 27, 2014
  • Red_Evergreen

    Red_Evergreen Jul 16, 2014
    poor ita-chan hes crying
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    AnimeCynthia21 Jul 25, 2014
    Lol the hair
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    crushes_on_countries Aug 06, 2014
    Me: Germany, Spain, don't you date touch my Ita-chan!
    Romano: Hey, what about me!?!?
    Me: Oops. Don't touch Romano either!!
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    acchipyu Jul 20, 2015
    Oh my ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • AlfredBraginski

    AlfredBraginski Mar 14, 2016
    Spamano and Gerita in one picture...
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    Anime1777 Apr 12, 2019
    Hahahhaha CuTEE