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Entry by shiori2003 on Wed Nov 15 12:49:21 2017.

Tags: Anime, Clivef, Ib, Ib (Character), Garry, Mary (Ib), Age Progression, Graduation

Clivef, Ib, Ib (Character), Garry, Mary (Ib), Age Progression, Graduation


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  • shiori2003

    Nov 15, 2017

    Artist's commentary

    Ib- Together for e v e r

    Ib, Garry and Mary had been come out from the art gallery, and so they live happily ever after.
    happily ever after....?
    yes, they had forget a truth: Mary is a painting, she can live in outside-world, but it doesn't mean she could grow up like human do.
    its quite sad, but this didn't let them down, they still can live together and enjoying their days spent together.
    they framed the photos that full of their sweet memory and hang on the wall.

    but Mary knows, everyone knows, it might come to the end.

    finally they gone, didn't have any child, because they gave all their love to Mary.

    Having such wonderful life that she would never experience if she stay in that dark place, Mary was happy.
    She IS happy.
    She took down her own painting which represent herself, and let the flame from a lighter brighten the space.

    she burned her own painting.

    Now she decided.

    They WILL be together for e v e r.

  • shiori2003

    Nov 15, 2017

    I don't know why, but this is pretty bittersweet.
    This is a much happier ending than the one where Ib and Gary were forced to burn Mary. But then again, in here we have Mary burning herself instead. I wonder if she was smiling at the end?

  • ichirukifangirl


    Nov 15, 2017

    Oh my god. How beautiful and tragic.

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