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Entry by SubaruSumeragi on Sun Jul 30 00:37:48 2017.

Tags: Anime, MAPPA, Kakegurui, Saotome Mary, Jabami Yumeko, Official Art, Scan

MAPPA, Kakegurui, Saotome Mary, Jabami Yumeko, Official Art, Scan


Comments (English)

    The more people ship them, the more it's clear that's just yuri fanservice. It's not like this kind of scenes are exclusive to Yumeko and Mary, we can see Yumeko behaving like that with a lot of other female characters. Usually I'm the first one to support gay or lesbian ships if they have actual substance but not when they're obviously mere fanservice meant to sexualize misleading lesbian interactions. Yumeko and Mary are not actually into each other, being the series a shounen that's just fanservice for the male audience just like gay fanservice in otome series for the female audience. Also both Mary and Yumeko are psycho gamblers, they'd need someone who could balance their personalities and bring them back from psycho mode whenever they're about to lose the sense of reality and that's what Ryota does with Yumeko, so just this time if I have to root for a ship, I'm gonna root for Ryota x Yumeko. Also it's more and more clear that Mary and Ririka are gonna be a thing and Yumary still have nothing but general friendship with erotic fanservice.

  • YandereQueen

    Apr 18, 2019

    Who cares, they are cute together

    ^ And so terribly fake, I'm surprised people still don't get how marketing laws work. This ship is pure fanservice, never gonna happen, delusional people are gonna be disappointed.

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