Sans (Undertale) by xYum-Yumx #1976713

Mangaka: xYum-Yumx, uploaded by Poppupantsu Feb 28, 2016.

Tags: Anime, xYum-Yumx, Undertale, Sans, Rolled Up Sleeves, Pale, Spoiler, Black Sclera, Glowing Object, Fur Collar, Unusual Colored Tongue, Dog Tags, deviantART

xYum-Yumx, Undertale, Sans, Rolled Up Sleeves, Pale, Spoiler, Black Sclera, Glowing Object, Fur Collar, Unusual Colored Tongue, Dog Tags, deviantART

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    NicoleTsuki Dec 08, 2015
    it's a beautiful day outside.
    birds are singing, flowers are blooming.
    on days like these, kids like you...

    Should be posting some more Undertale fanart on this site.
  • Poppupantsu

    Poppupantsu Dec 08, 2015
    ^ Good anime-style Undertale fanart is hard to come by.
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    xCanaxCherry Dec 10, 2015
    wow what human sans looks...
  • Wintear

    Wintear Dec 19, 2015
    This fanart is -very- ironic since Sans' coolness is from how easygoing and chill he is. If anything he'd be a laid back down to earth guy, not the bishounen guy lol. I mean there's Mettaton, but he's a bit more of the suave side than cool. Mostly everyone in Undertale is too humble or whacky arrogant to be cool.
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    NaikoruJ Dec 19, 2015
    ^ I agree. Tbh it kinda dissapoints me when people automatically humanize all characters in a good-looking way.
    I see Sans more like a small chubby 30-ish looking dude with that laid-back aura that's radiating out of his actual sprite.
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    LadyRuelleyn Jan 09, 2016
    To be completely fair, if this is what the artist envisions when they think of sans then good for them. It doesn't bug me too much, but its more because I can always use my own imagination of how a character can look personified or humanized. Maybe to them, sans is this really cool sexy character to them, and they are translating it to their own vision, just like how you envision sans to be chubby and older.

    It's all cool really, and it gives diversity! o wob
  • Zazzy

    Zazzy Feb 02, 2016
    ^ I agree with you.
    But, ya know, people LOVES to complain about everything so… XD
  • Poppupantsu

    Poppupantsu Feb 02, 2016
    Wow, I honestly did not expect this one image to get so popular and cause this much controversy at the same time. lol
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    Dyna Indo Shimura Feb 03, 2016
    ^Everyone above: You guys are awesome! :D

    Nice fanart. I like it when Sans is chubby and cute, but this.... just wow! <3
  • Zazzy

    Zazzy Feb 17, 2016
    I just think… well, why not? XD It's more fun the more versions there are out there, as long as we can enjoy nice art, music and writing :)
    For example, I get tired of all the characters put in sexual situations etc, but it's fine as long as they don't hurt me physically lol

    (I'm italian and I'm dumb so I rarely can express what I want, sorry for my confusing considerations XD)
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    Chewyberries Feb 18, 2016
    I'm just going to like barge in here and point out that this character is meant to be a humanized version of Gaster!Sans. If you look him up you'll see that the picture is very much in line with how the fan-character looks like ^w^
  • Amanta

    Amanta Feb 26, 2016
    So ****ing cool sans *_*
  • HappyWriter

    HappyWriter Feb 28, 2016
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    yuniverse Feb 29, 2016
    He looks like a combination of Zero from Dance Dance Revolution and Rin from Ao no Exorcist <3
  • AllTheLittleWonders

    AllTheLittleWonders May 17, 2016
    People should really stop complaining and just enjoy this amazing fan-art.

    This Sans gijinka is gorgeous <33