Hiiragi Shinoa (Owari no Seraph) by FCC #1901070

Mangaka: FCC, uploaded by LemonLime Jul 16, 2015.

Tags: Anime, FCC, Owari no Seraph, Hiiragi Shinoa, Shikama Doji, Monster, Fanart, Pixiv, Fanart from Pixiv

FCC, Owari no Seraph, Hiiragi Shinoa, Shikama Doji, Monster, Fanart, Pixiv, Fanart from Pixiv

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    Yukiko-sama Aug 05, 2015
    I hate her but she looks beautiful in this fanart
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    KiryuuYuki407 Jan 23, 2016
    I love her, and I think that she always looks beautiful n.n (a lot of people hate her just because she is the other potential couple of Yuu, so childish, I want Yuu with Shinoa but I don't hate Mika)
  • Sāκαšυ иø נøō

    Sāκαšυ иø נøō Jan 23, 2016
    She's really pretty here. I love this artist, she draws the best MikaYuu pictures.
  • whoareyoutojudge

    whoareyoutojudge Apr 11, 2017
    Best character.
    I hate Yuunoa ship with passion though.
  • Sāκαšυ иø נøō

    Sāκαšυ иø נøō Apr 11, 2017
    ^ Agree, heteronormative at its finest.
  • whoareyoutojudge

    whoareyoutojudge Apr 11, 2017
    ^I can't call myself a Mikayuu shipper either, but they have much more chemistry than bland and stupid Yuunoa.
  • Sāκαšυ иø נøō

    Sāκαšυ иø נøō Apr 12, 2017
    ^ That's not even this ship I specifically hate but the heteronormative mindset behind this kind of pairings in shounen series. Two male characters could have the most mindblowing relationship ever and to people they will always be bros being bros. But then boy meets girl and at the first glimpse of positive interaction between them or even if they merely share the same panel without interactions, people immediately start to see them as an item. Istg, two boys could even undress and have sex on-screen but they will never be acknowledged as a ship just because shounen = no homo. I know that Japan is not an open minded country when it comes to homosexuality, but as I said in our previous conversation about Naruto ships, one can always choose to be a decent person and dissociate themselves from this heteronormative mindset if they want to. But if they choose to uniform themselves to that, it means either that they agree with it or that they're too cowards to break schemes and risk to lose fans. As far as I know, there is no written rule against homosexual romance in shounen series. I hate when people say: "Your homo ship is never gonna happen because the series is not a yaoi!!!". First of all, they're ignorant as fu*k because the yaoi genre contemplates the presence of gay sex scenes in the plot and no one asked for that. The guys don't even need to kiss, I'd just want them confirmed as a romantic ship. Second, shounens are not **** either but "who knows why" het ships are allowed. As a matter of facts, there is no equalty and fictional stuff keeps going on and on with this horrible LGBT erasure process. But what ****es me off even more is that as long as gay fanservice is useful to milk the series and make fangirls drool and buy gadgets and other official ship stuff is fine, but when it comes to actual romance, that is only a prerogative of het ships. As if as long as a certain popular gay ship serves its porpose of queerbaiting, it's totally acceptable but these kind of relationships should be seen merely as a fetish because true love only belongs to straight couples. Now tell me if I don't have any right to be beyond disgusted by pretty much everything that is straight. As a straight person myself, I feel ashamed to belong to this category and I openly dissociate to everything that is remotely heteronormative and homophobic. People with this sick mindset are nothing but garbage, they're a waste of air and space on this planet for their brains are mere accessories.
  • whoareyoutojudge

    whoareyoutojudge Apr 13, 2017
    ^Yeah, pretty much agreed about everything you've said above. I'm hoping that world is changing to better, that people are realizing that they are making mistakes by not looking at LGBT couples as a normal thing. I mean, they are humans, just like us straight people. Having a different sex preference than someone else doesn't make you a trash and doesn't mean you should hide it. I think those parades are great a thing, for people to finally realize that they are among us and that they are just normal humans with feelings, like us.
    Now it reminded me of a sexist thing related to LGBT discrimination I came across FaceBook: random FB popular page posts a pic of half-naked women and says 'if you don't fap to this, you are gay'.
    I mean seriously? Seriously? What is life. *pets you on the back* You should see what's happening on MAL (myanimelist). It's a nest of sexist and discriminative population.
    Back on Yuunoa, I think her crush on Yuu is way out of character and was very much uneeded. What, she's the most important female character so she has to be hell-over-heels for main male character? If Yuu was female, she would never look at him that way. I actually dislike both Yuu and Mika as a characters but the ship makes sense, I agree. I wouldn't mind seeing it happen, although I don't really care.
  • Ice Witch

    Ice Witch May 10, 2017
    If even mangaka isn't taking his own manga seriously, drawing whatever comes to his mind that he knows will get him more money, why fans should have mental breakdowns and heated discussions?
    Seraph of the end is a bunch of clichés and stereotypes, but ones that are money makers.
    Read something better, like Delicious in dungeon, Vagabond or similar. Those are good manga.
  • whoareyoutojudge

    whoareyoutojudge May 10, 2017
    ^*eats you* :T
    Joking aside, not caring for your own creation with so many fans around is hella immature from his side. But yeah, I think if Yuunoa becomes canon after all, I will avoid OnS for the rest of my life.

    DARKNESS-STRIKE Feb 02, 2018
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