Dark Konoha (Kokonose "Konoha" Haruka) #1699325

Entry by Yesh10x on Mon Apr 7 01:12:54 2014.

Tags: Anime, Funota, Kagerou Project, Kokonose

Funota, Kagerou Project, Kokonose "Konoha" Haruka, Dark Konoha, Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv, PNG Conversion, Pixiv


Comments (English)

  • Kuroi Kurara


    Sep 04, 2013

    Am I the only one who think that Kuroha is hotter than regular Haruka/Konoha?
    I love Konoha/Haruka, but Kuroha is extraordinary hot~ *w*

  • Yatagarasu


    Nov 16, 2013

    Yeah he is pretty sexy

  • jelloegg

    May 01, 2014

    *muffled squeal* I love snakes!

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