Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan) by Hanyijie #1544758

Mangaka: Hanyijie, uploaded by NanaSchiffer Jul 13, 2013.

Tags: Anime, Hanyijie, Attack on Titan, Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), Colossal Titan, Translation Request

Hanyijie, Attack on Titan, Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), Colossal Titan, Translation Request

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    Lyzzy-chan N. Straberry Jul 16, 2013
    what it says? o.O
  • Rara NyanNyan

    Rara NyanNyan Jul 19, 2013
    translation please!
  • HeyIhrDa

    HeyIhrDa Jul 19, 2013
    " Human Meat, here along Please " ? xDDD
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    Carmen_sheep Jul 20, 2013
    O~kay, I come to translate for you guys~~
    Actually it's come from a news of China, that you know everywhere have some really bad guy,we can never know what are they thinking.
    Ok, It's the news that a president of a Primary School took few girls (I forget how many are they..) to the Guesthouse, or Hotel, place like that, and do something really really bad, you know ...QAQ And now, people all know that and really really angry about this.

    After this, there's a woman, okay, she's not good-looking, take a photo that she is standing somewhere, taking a Cardboard, writing "President, don't harm these Pupils, if you want to go to the hotel I will go with you."

    Some people say that she is brave, nice; but somebody say that she is just Hyping.

    What ever that is, the joke of it is last.

    So now you know that what is writing on it. lol.

    I'm so sorry my English is bad, still. I'm keep learning. Hope it will be better....
  • HeyIhrDa

    HeyIhrDa Jul 21, 2013
    Thank you so much for the Comment Carmen_Sheep,

    but i wonder if a Parody of AoT/SnK would fit in comparisson.
    And: If People know about what happened in the real World, i hope the
    System there is "proper enough" for that "President" to lose his Job,

    and even better: Get sentenced to a "properly" long Prison Sentence.
    Such a disgusting Freak, who molested little Girls ( and "abused"
    Boys sometimes with sudden Attacks/Violence ) was a Teacher in a School
    where i went. One Time, i was attacked, too - with my Head smashed
    against a thick Glass of a Door.

    Such Scum doesn't deserve to be in any Position. He see's Children as
    nothing more than 'sexual Prey', but enough Offtopic... ... ...