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Entry by ionelia on Fri Jun 28 14:39:24 2013.

Tags: Anime, Toei Animation, A-1 Pictures, Studio Pierrot, Sunrise (Studio), TIGER & BUNNY, Gintama, ONE PIECE, FAIRY TAIL, ONE PIECE FILM Z, BLEACH, NARUTO, Uchiha Sasuke

Toei Animation, A-1 Pictures, Studio Pierrot, Sunrise (Studio), TIGER & BUNNY, Gintama, ONE PIECE, FAIRY TAIL, ONE PIECE FILM Z, BLEACH, NARUTO, Uchiha Sasuke


Comments (English)

  • AlexanPT

    Jun 28, 2013

    Now, kiss!!

  • DreamsAndIllusions

    Jun 28, 2013

    Then the 'YAOI' starts.

  • clear_skyz


    Jun 28, 2013

    this is how the fandom starts

  • PrincessNeya


    Jun 28, 2013

    Lol, first I thought that Ichigo and Renji are blushing before kissing! >w<

    And I'll be there ready to push one of them.

  • qualeshia3

    Jun 29, 2013

    I don't see any punching..........SOMEBODY BETTER START PUNCHING SOMEONE!!!!

  • Niele


    Jun 29, 2013

    Well in the case of Naruto and Sasuke the kiss did happen after that XD

  • KuroNekko21


    Jun 29, 2013

    10 sec of interaction and BOOM! YAOI!!!!

  • Ghosted9968

    Jun 29, 2013

    The random moments on zerochan when I don't run across something yaoi for a change, and yet I find yaoi related comments... Is this what they call a "FML" moment?

  • qualeshia3

    Jun 29, 2013

    @Chosted9968: My comment isn't yaoi related because I actually wanna see them punch each other.

  • PrinceCiel

    Jun 29, 2013

    gray looks like death the kid in a way, or it could be just the way that was animated

  • lady Rivel Keehl


    Jun 29, 2013

    Yeah, but none of this couple of characters ended up kissing like Naruto and Sasuke did xDDD

  • elder troll auto


    Jun 30, 2013

    what happen if I push them?

  • Yum~chan

    Jul 02, 2013

    ^You know what xD

  • RukiRomance

    Jul 03, 2013

    I was thinking the exact same thing as clear_skyz
    And how fandoms are made! XD

  • Clumsy Assassin

    Jul 20, 2013

    Everything just HAS to be somehow labeled as yaoi, don't it...

    omg they glared at each other for two seconds OTP! XDXDXDXD

  • Fleuret


    Jul 31, 2013

    I really expect a kiss when they make that pose XD

  • Yatagarasu


    Aug 05, 2013

    Main character(male) and their rival(male), a better pairing than the main character and the leading female
    My logic

  • chibiYamamoto

    Aug 17, 2013

    I love how almost everyone said yaoi -giggles- I was thinking the same thing Cx

  • p3paula

    Aug 21, 2013

    i thought gray was rin okumura honestly... o-o

    ahh this pose... :)

  • ravencroft


    Sep 02, 2013

    and then naruto slipped.

  • akane_jung


    Apr 15, 2014

    @Yatagarasu Agree~ xD

  • kagome1324

    Jul 21, 2014

    Ha ha so true haha

  • 9 lives of death

    Aug 10, 2014

    @p3paula: OMG, I TOTALLY SEE IT!!!!!!!!

  • angel17lilit

    Aug 26, 2014

    you forgot this: :3

  • Malphorus

    Oct 09, 2014

    Head-to-Head makes more sense here.

  • Hotplayer


    Oct 09, 2014

    face to face that's just how they solve their issues LOL

  • nekomode26081995

    Oct 16, 2014

    And then the yaoi fangirls rejoice!

  • Dyna Indo Shimura

    Mar 10, 2015

    I'm totally gonna push them if I'm there! XD

  • Miske

    Jul 27, 2015

    can someone write names of anime?

  • Almeirowanna

    Jan 07, 2020

    LOLOL didn’t naruto accidentally kiss~ Sasuke Kun after this

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