Happy Tree Friends by Kuusouryodan #150137

Mangaka: Kuusouryodan, uploaded by itAI .

Tags: Anime, Kuusouryodan, Happy Tree Friends, Flaky, Flippy, Pixiv

Kuusouryodan, Happy Tree Friends, Flaky, Flippy, Pixiv

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    jennaheap86 Aug 23, 2010
    holy crap, this image is awesome. O.O
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    ilmb69 Sep 01, 2010
    FlippyxFlaky FOR THE WIN!
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    jeka.estrela Sep 26, 2010
    im imagining HTF as an anime, omg *3*
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    etto-chan Sep 26, 2010
    wow, cool.
    i want HTF to become an anime XD
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    huludot Oct 04, 2010
    this looks good. really good.
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    Cielly Oct 30, 2010
    flippy... and flaky? this pair is so ironic.
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    pinoyipod Nov 12, 2010
    LOVE IT!
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    StarRaven Nov 15, 2010
    Flippy looks like United Kindom in all these pictures
  • Mangetsu

    Mangetsu Dec 13, 2010
    ich kann nich' mehr, das ist soo toll <3
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    piranhat Dec 21, 2010
    the lines under Flaky's eyes show that she's always scared and paranoid. The lines around Flippy's eyes show that he's about to flip out and go mental. And probably kill someone.
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    FXFfan Apr 23, 2011
    I wish Happy Tree Friends was an anime!!!
  • Ivori~

    Ivori~ Apr 30, 2011
    Gosh darn it... Why can't HTF be an anime already!? T_T
  • pauchan

    pauchan May 01, 2011
    THIS IS WONDERFUL~! <333 I sooo love FlippyXFlaky.
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    Ichigochichi May 18, 2011
    Cuuuuuuute! It seems like in some pics I've seen Flaky's portrayed as a girl and in others, a guy. Is that true or am I just being slow?
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    94shewantsrevenge94 May 18, 2011
    @Ichigochichi Flaky is portrayed as a girl in most pictures. There are very few in which she is portrayed as a guy. Very few.
    The creator confirmed she is a girl, anyway.
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    prompton_kimiko May 24, 2011
    @StarRaven yeah, human Flippy looks like England from Hetalia.
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    KawaiiPandah Jun 04, 2011
  • yumi91

    yumi91 Jun 04, 2011
    I love this pic x3
  • Blitzer

    Blitzer Jun 05, 2011
    If HTF becomes an anime, its seriously gonna be a ridiculously brutal-some anime I can sure that. Just think about it.
  • emily15481

    emily15481 Jun 18, 2011
    awwww this is so sweet!! :") <3
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    DarkPoison16 Aug 07, 2011
    So cute! x3
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    lizalot Aug 27, 2011
    yeah, it would bee a gory, gory anime. but there has to be some fluffy moments like this one D:
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    KawaiiPandah Sep 08, 2011
    Lizalot is right!! Who else has agree?
  • Blitzer

    Blitzer Sep 08, 2011
    And if it turns out to be an anime, it gonna turns out like BACCANO. Seriously, there is so much similarities between the two of their plots. HTF have a lot of characters like BACCANO, there are full of gore scene and also the characters has a kind of relationship with others without noticing them. And if you look at the characters, Flippy is more likely turns out like Clare Stanfield. Think about it.
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    FlipqYxFlAKy4EVAR Oct 21, 2011

    Sooooo Cute!
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    FlipqYxFlAKy4EVAR Oct 22, 2011
  • Shiawase-usagichan

    Shiawase-usagichan Dec 10, 2011
    :3 so cutteee~ <3
  • Saroona14

    Saroona14 Dec 16, 2011
    this image is awesome :3
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    lsstar Dec 22, 2011
    Awwww that is so cute!
  • Igirichu_luv_pasta~

    Igirichu_luv_pasta~ Jan 20, 2012
    Wa~ This pic is really cute~ Flippy and Flaky is a cute pair~ The artwork is also cute~ Luv it~
  • living_light

    living_light Jan 21, 2012
    @etto-chan, I AGREE! It needs to happen!
  • Mairezu

    Mairezu Feb 02, 2012
    LOL! XD This picture is the photo representing the series XD I mean, the picture everyone sees when they go to "Happy Tree Friends (Series)" :3
    Spread the FippyxFlaky!
  • Sora*Donuts

    Sora*Donuts Feb 24, 2012
    NNNNHHHG!! >< I love it!!
  • LenlovesAmanda

    LenlovesAmanda Mar 24, 2012
    I looove this picture X)
  • Omori

    Omori Apr 02, 2012
    Awww so cute!!
  • vietnomnom

    vietnomnom Apr 03, 2012
    So kawaii!
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    Suzu-chan~ Apr 06, 2012
    flippyXflaky 4EVER~~~XD
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    tomomichan Apr 18, 2012
    I really wish it would become an anime!
  • Philippines_piri-chan

    Philippines_piri-chan Apr 30, 2012
  • default avatar

    Justice1234 May 15, 2012
  • Haruhi_akira

    Haruhi_akira May 24, 2012
    If it was an anime, it would be ve~ry violent ~~~~~~~
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    Quianny Jun 09, 2012
    That's lovely beautiful
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    AnImE LoVe Jun 09, 2012
    nice image
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    loveregularshow:) Jun 18, 2012
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:3
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    Freya21 Jun 27, 2012
    They r cute couple of HTF
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    coldnightmares Jul 12, 2012
    Best couple ever.
  • animefanatic12123

    animefanatic12123 Jul 16, 2012
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    amalfi chan Jul 28, 2012
    yey flippyXflaky X3 i love that cople
  • laciaire

    laciaire Aug 12, 2012
    Gosh, this is so cute! <3
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    tecnajessie Oct 28, 2012
    Favorites Updates...

    671 and Counting... :D
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    WorldArcana Jan 17, 2013
    Now i want a picture where he goes crazy and kills her.
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    XTsukiUsagiX Aug 26, 2013
    I think the picture's cute, but I don't support the pairing.....
  • Xytho

    Xytho Sep 26, 2013
    gotta love this chemistry of complete opposites
  • Xytho

    Xytho Sep 26, 2013
    after looking at all the pics it's safe to say if htf was an anime flippy would be the main protagonist with flaky as his love team and a frenemy relationship with splendid and everyone else will just fall into place somehow
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    johanna_jovani Oct 06, 2013
    so beautiful
  • lovingthisworld

    lovingthisworld Feb 22, 2014
    I Love this picture & Couple <3
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    Flippy/FlakyForever47 Feb 24, 2014
    I Love how the Artist drew Flippy & Flaky so Perfect <3
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    yukioursku Feb 26, 2014
    This really shows what Flippy & Flaky looks like in anime,
    Cause i think this is how they should look like in anime.
  • musked~

    musked~ Feb 26, 2014
    There should be a Happy Tree Friends Anime :D
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    FlippyFlaky1024 May 11, 2014
    I would so see this as an episode if HTF was an anime,
    Flippy would try to confess to Flaky c:
    but he's going to flip....
  • Kagayaki_98

    Kagayaki_98 Oct 28, 2014
    MY OTP !!
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    Duse Lesk Jan 15, 2020
    crack ship