Axis Powers: Hetalia #1473915

Entry by Sabi on Fri Apr 12 18:49:46 2013.

Tags: Anime, Gori, Axis Powers: Hetalia, United Kingdom, China, United States, France, Germany, Japan, South Italy, North Italy, Russia, Water Yoyo

Gori, Axis Powers: Hetalia, United Kingdom, China, United States, France, Germany, Japan, South Italy, North Italy, Russia, Water Yoyo


Comments (English)

  • cestalia

    Aug 07, 2012

    Water gun war is serious**** XD
    I want to join too *w*
    *get my water gun*

  • Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez


    Aug 08, 2012

    *gets my newest water gun*They say it's the best in the business.
    TO WAR!!*battle cry*

  • Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez


    Aug 08, 2012


  • FanfictionFreak


    Aug 08, 2012

    If wars were like this, we would just end up laughing instead of crying.

  • Miri-chan


    Aug 08, 2012

    Ooooh Iggy's showing some skin xDDD

  • Alyssinwonderland


    Aug 08, 2012

    is Japan holding real gun? XD

  • Phyripo

    Aug 08, 2012

    WTF China?

    Also I think that's Veneziano, not Romano... See the hair curl..?

  • guesswhoiam


    Aug 10, 2012

    Japan looks like holding a real gun O.o

  • hana80


    Aug 11, 2012

    germany why so ssexy ????

  • ArisaMAG

    Aug 11, 2012

    Italy looks so badass in this o_o Yes, it's North Italy, it's not South Italy. The curl is in the wrong place for it to be South Italy. :L

  • hgreader823

    Aug 15, 2012

    For my own safety, I'll just watch...but isn't that just as much fun? I mean, really now.

  • Kamijou


    Aug 15, 2012

    China's holding a water balloon. >8D

    And Nihon's gun looks more of a pistol. XD

  • prussia vargas


    Aug 16, 2012

    o_____o i think japan is holding a real gun...

  • Ichigata-chan

    Aug 19, 2012

    Is anyone else noticing that awesome tag team duo thing that UK and US are doing? Like with the mirrored positions?

    I find that cool ._. Just sayin'.

  • \'shROOM_Grower


    Aug 20, 2012

    I have to say, I doubt Japan's holding a real gun. See, being Japan, he can just make it look SUPER realistic. It's probably got mini water-balloon bullets and everything! ;P

  • americaiggyakato

    Aug 24, 2012

    I can't believe this! T-that's Italy??

  • kirsy.lee97

    Aug 24, 2012

    LOL China going old school with the water balloons :D

  • kuroprussia

    Sep 03, 2012

    Europe vs. The World! Water gun style!! ;)

  • KirbyRevolution105

    Sep 30, 2012

    Russia's isn't even a gun... It's a freakin' bazooka...

  • iLina444

    Oct 01, 2012

    I could seriously stare at this all day... <3

  • Diamond1095

    Oct 07, 2012

    *grabs water gun* TO WAR, MY FANGURLS!!!
    I call Rochu if we win!

  • KirbyRevolution105

    Oct 08, 2012

    *grabs another version of Russia's water bazooka* TO WAR! *battle cry* And if we win, I call USUK if you call RoChu!

  • Fyrune


    Oct 21, 2012

    Oh heck, hide from Russia! That's a freaking bazooka! This is WAR!

  • bluespade

    Dec 04, 2012

    OoO.....yes...HELL ****ING YES!!!!!!! >O<

  • Antoniet


    Dec 14, 2012

    *grabbing my water gun* I WANNA TO JOIN IT!!!! TO WAR *shooting for all sides*

  • Kitsune5511

    Jan 02, 2013

    I dont have a water guys are lucky that Russia is not your enemy......with that BIG gun.......

  • animechic420

    Apr 13, 2013

    Japan could be holding one of those cheap water guns for like 99¢.

  • mehismyword


    Apr 13, 2013

    I love how China is just about to go all ninja with water balloons XD

  • nico-san

    Apr 14, 2013

    MY GOD CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i like your legs xD

  • Panda_Ryosuke


    Apr 14, 2013

    now dat i realized...this is my first time looking at Russia's legs...XD

  • YourTypicalAnimeFan23


    Apr 23, 2013

    @Diamond1095 and @KirbyRevolution105
    *goes old school like China* I'm in. You guys can have who ever you want as long as France is reserved for moi.

  • Dazeth

    May 04, 2013

    OMG this is AWESOME!! Feli looks soooo sexy owo

  • kiashadows

    May 10, 2013

    @Diamond1095 @KirbyRevolution105
    "I'm joining this battle" *brings out arsenal* "lets do this****"

    Russia's bazooka will hit you harder than any of the nukes he can come up with xD

  • KeiraA333

    Jul 17, 2013

    I must join! *looks about* But I haven't any water guns.. or balloons...
    *grabs the hose* LET'S GO RUSSIA!! >D
    -iz so gonna get drowned but its worth it!-

  • Celestic


    Jul 21, 2013

    WHY WASN'T THIS A EPISODE!? If they do this as a episode I'll cry tears of joy. No one should have let Russia play this.

  • AutumnLeaves1106

    Dec 27, 2013

    Is it just me or does America and England look like they're doing the waltz?

  • The_SpaceCase

    Jan 29, 2014

    USUK POWER! *wipes nosebleed off keyboard*

  • Poppupantsu


    Apr 29, 2014

    Russia's legs are so curvy. O_O

    Now I'm regretting throwing away my water gun...

  • FluffyMiracle

    May 13, 2014

    Where's Prussia in all of this~? =w=

  • Gintama Lover

    Jul 16, 2014

    ^ You're right... Prussia would make this pic 1000% more Awesome!!!

    Russia doe.. That Bazooka XXDD

  • acchipyu

    Jul 20, 2015

    Haha everyone looks so serious XD

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