Entry by Emily x Madeleine on Sat Apr 6 12:51:21 2013.

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 482542, DRAGON BALL GT, Trunks Briefs, Bra (DRAGON BALL)

Pixiv Id 482542, DRAGON BALL GT, Trunks Briefs, Bra (DRAGON BALL)


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  • lady Rivel Keehl


    Apr 08, 2013

    I really wanted to see Bra fight, theoretically she had the same potential as Trunks but instead she chose to slacking off and just thinking about shopping... D: What a pity, the great prince of the Saiyans with so useless children... well, not that Trunks was useless but Mirai no Trunks was much better than him under every point of view xD

    Me too! But i think it's beacause she's a girl... The only 3 girls that really fight on DragonBall are Android 18, Videl, Pan, but they don't have a real role on the battle .__. and also probably Bulma didn't want that her cute daughter become a fighter (or it's what i suppose because her character) and Vegeta wanted that his first child Trunks, a boy, become like a "little prince of the Saiyans" or just stronger than Goku's childrens (XD), so Bra was completely left aside D:
    and I also agree, Mirai no Trunks was more mature than the present but probably because he saw the distruction, the death, he didn't have the Dragon**** that solves all the problems... So he have a difficult life, or probably it's because of this o.o xD

    ^ Honestly I don't think so, Bulma is not an old-fashioned woman like Chichi so I bet that if Bra was interested in fight, she'd let her be. Unfortunately she was nothing like her parents, but became frivolous like Mrs Briefs.

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