Axis Powers: Hetalia #1385276

Entry by FJy99 on Sun Dec 30 15:27:29 2012.

Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 92305, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Germany, United Kingdom, United Kingdom (Cosplay), Germany (Cosplay)

Pixiv Id 92305, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Germany, United Kingdom, United Kingdom (Cosplay), Germany (Cosplay)


Comments (English)

  • -FlyingMintBunny-

    Jan 02, 2013

    England looks like he has ****s. . . .//shot

  • Finland-san


    Jan 04, 2013

    If your talking about the one with the jacket open that's Germany, I think they're wearing the other's clothing, 'cause if you look closely the one in the lighter green suit has darker bushier eyebrows, a darker blonde hair color, a smaller muscle mass and not to mention the green eyes. Then the one in the lighter suit has finer eyebrows, lighter hair, larger muscle mass, and blue eyes. Sorry if I'm a bit over board though, but if it's actually match with what they're wearing than yeah you're correct.

    Either way they're still hunks!! <3

  • Valgus

    Apr 18, 2015

    It's Morbid Lovers' Germany and England and I'm in love.

    To be frank, Morbid Lovers' doujinshi on Germany and England is one of the very reasons why I ship them. They're both very awkward personally and they don't get that much time together canonically, save from that one scene when England is looking for friend and visiting Germany with flower. Nevertheless, I think they are adorable together. But perhaps most of all, the way Morbid Lovers' draw Germany and England is just so... fit. So perfect to me.

    I have a thing on Hetalia characters wearing other characters' (military) costume and Morbid Lovers' doing it with England and Germany is just askajskjkwjdkejkfjgf. I really like Arthur's Sam Browne belt... it's a pity (or not?) that obviously Arthur's costume would be too small for Ludwig, though.

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